Saturday, August 25, 2007

A Different Way of Thinking

This morning my wife's alarm went off at 5:45am. Normally, on a Saturday I would get all huffy and roll over and yell, "Why didn't you turn that damn thing off last night?" But today, I rolled over to my side of the bed, and thought, "I not tired anymore, what should I do first, my new elliptical or go for a long Saturday morning walk, which I always enjoy." I opted for the walk and went extra long through the fairgrounds. It was amazing to see all the race fans up at the crack of dawn. It's the first time I've actually seen any sign of life on a Saturday morning. I'm looking forward to many more experiences like this from now on. I will not be the one yelling about the alarm going off, instead I may be the one setting it.

1 comment:

Skinny Guy said...

Great for you! I've always been a night owl and tend to sleep in when left to my own devices, which is probably why I have a job where I have to get up at 4:30 am every day. Ugh.

I have been trying to get up earlier on the weekends, but my success rate isn't anything to write home about. Not yet, anyway...

Like I was saying, though, great job!