Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Yahoo! I lost my 6 yr. old

My DD1 turned 6 yrs. old on Sunday. Last week, she went to the doctor and weighed in at 48.0 pounds. It was my goal this week to reach 48 pounds, so I could say I lost as much weight as my daughter weighs. Not only did I reach 48, I passed 50. I reached several goals tonight:

Lost my daughter!!
Lost 50 pounds!!
Lost my second 10%!!
Lost the tag of obese!!

I am now officially overweight and I couldn't feel better. I have noticed several changes in the last few months. First of all, I no longer huff and puff when I climb the stairs at home or at work, in fact, I've started skipping steps to get myself moving faster. I have lost 5 inches around my waist. I started out as a TIGHT 42 inch waist and now I am a very LOOSE 38 inch waist. I have actually started looking forward to exercise. The last week, I have been bummed out because it's been raining and I can't take my evening walks. I've still gotten my lunch walks in, but it's not the same without the evening walks to the park with my kids. We've been feeding the rabbits three baby carrots every night. It's really been a fun little game to play with them, looking for the bunnies on our evening walk. Most importantly, I've noticed that I feel more confident. I walking taller, holding my chest out, and smiling much more. Thank you Weight Watchers and GOAD for helping me reach a major goal in my weight loss journey.


Kathy said...

She is such a cutie and certainly deserves this "new" energetic Daddy who has energy for playing with should be so proud!

kborn said...

I'M UP TO A VERY TIGHT 42 INCHES and I feel the huffing and puffing up the stairs and I'm learning that it's really hard to move! As a nutritionist who spent 2 years in a nursing home telling 50-80 year olds how to eat and lose weight because it's so much easier than being larger...I never realized how hard even moving is when you're large AND ABLE to move. And I'm moving with these 'complications' w/o pain of arthritis or being on 8 medications for CHF and COPD and essentially being locked inside all day w/no "real places" to walk to and being surrounded by dying people younger than me... It gives me a totally different perspective on the physical and mental aspects to losing weight and being heavier. And you're supposed to gain weight with pregnancy and learn all about life and growth, I wonder how many really truly realize what a toll it's taking on their body and minds for 9 months! Maybe I'll remember it and apply it to a job somewhere some day again after baby comes.
Congrats, again, Tom. You're really doing great things and being a great role model for my adorable neices and nephew! Keep them working out and dancing and walking along side of you and they'll appreciate it forever! How has Claire been motivated by your loss??
I may be coming to you for advice if I need to shed the pounds after a few months!