Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Come On, You Know You Want Some...

Tonight, I worked late because we hosted a fast food fest at the Nursing Home I work at. I know, I shouldn't be promoting fast food, but the residents rarely have anything from "THE OUTSIDE" so it really was a special treat. We received 10 boxes of Dippin' Strips from Pizza Hut for 1/2 price, 125 hamburgers from McDonald's for 1/2 price and 3 party trays with 45 sandwiches each donated by Subway. On top of that, we served a tossed salad, french fries and a choice of French Silk, Banana Cream, Blueberry or Cherry Pie.

Well, unfortunately there were loads of leftovers. I scarfed up some of the subway subs, but there were some many burgers left. I said I really didn't want them, but I ended up taking six. What will happen to them is still to be determined. I wish I could say the same of the 8 dippin' strips I took home. They made it to the back yard before I devoured them like I have never seen pizza before. After being so proud of myself over the weekend for tossing a pizza out, I went and spent a lot of points on Pizza Hut. I do have to say, IT WAS WORTH IT. I have done it and now I am satisfied.

I know I'm doing fine and I needed a little treat for myself and I know it will not be a daily habit.

Now, anybody want a burger or two?


Christine said...

Oh fun. I work at a special care home - both young and old and that would have gone over soooo well!

Kathy said...

My Mom was in a nursing home several years and those treats were so special to her. I used to bring in a hamburger with lots of onions...her favorite...and she would gobble it up.
And btw...God Bless you for the work you are doing!
The're right...forgetta bout it!

Skinny Guy said...

You may want to look into donating the leftover food to a local shelter. Not only would you be getting double the mileage out of those donations, you wouldn't have to worry about staring down those dipping strips and hamburgers at home!

Good job, though, allowing yourself the treat and recognizing that it can't be a daily thing.