Friday, November 9, 2007

Sewer Stress

Today I stayed home from work in the morning to take care of a lingering problem in our basement. Our sewer has been backing up on occasion since August. I tried getting it unplugged with my Dad at that time and had seemed to work until last night. Last night, I did three loads of laundry and noticed a big puddle near our basement floor drain. This morning, I went downstairs and after our family showers, the puddle was much bigger. So I called a plumber and had him snake out the sewer to the street. Not a pleasant smell to say the least. I was very stressed wondering how much it would cost and wondering if this would solve the problem. I kept eating the whole while the plumber was at my house. Nothing bad, mostly grapes, dried fruit, a few kissables that my 3 yr. old didn't like, but it was very stressful. The outcome was not a very pleasant one. The plumber pulled out a bunch of tree roots and advised me to have someone come out to see where my sewer pipe has collapsed. This involves running a video camera down the pipe which is somewhat pricey. What is more pricey is the part that would come after that. Either replacing the drain pipes inside the house or outside the house all the way to the street. We really haven't had a problem with our sewer before now, so I think I'll pray that the snaking out has been sufficient for a while.

I usually don't let stress get the best of me, but the idea of spending money on something that is so costly got me eating. I'll going now to work on the elliptical for a second time today. I have a few Milky Ways to work off.

Tomorrow will be more temptations with a Thanksgiving feast at my Mother-in-laws. She has already informed us of the SIX pies that she has made. My wife is planning on making another one and I was planning on making something low-fat, but am kind of thinking, "what's the use?" Wish me luck with the first round of Thanksgiving!


Kathy said...

Darn sewers! We had that problem at our old house...100 years old...and it always happened on weekends or holidays when the going rate for a cleanout was astronomical!!!

I started my blog entry yesterday with a suggestion to "Savor...not stuff" at these holiday events. Savor the atmosphere, the happy family interaction, and the flavor of the foods that you get to eat only at this time of the year. I'm going to try to do that at the triplet's birthday party today.

What's the use? YOU my friend. You don't want to get my age and have to deal with diabetes and her cousins...high cholesterol and triglycerides. You are worth all the effort and eating won't solve the sewer dilemma.

Enjoy the turkey!

Iron-Man said...

My car started up this morning with a really bad sound and it seems to have something wrong with it. Since it is Saturday the local garage that I go to said to bring it in on Monday or Tuesday. Before the holidays is not a good time for these kind of expenses. Hope things work out for you.

Skinny Guy said...

Last winter it was the blower motor in our furnace that burned out. I stayed home while the wife and son went to a motel to keep warm.

It's all part of the joys of home ownership.