Thursday, November 15, 2007

Week 29

Week 29: 203.4
Last Week: 203.0
Progress: Up .4
Starting Weight: 270.2
Total Weight Loss: 66.8
Average Weekly Loss: 2.3

I didn't make it to my regular Wednesday meeting this week and I had a hard time making it to a meeting tonight. My wife worked late last night and I worked last tonight, but it didn't keep me away from the scale. Unfortunately, I gained .4, but considering the feast I was confronted with over the weekend I am not too surprised. Upset yes, surprised no! I hate to see the scale go up even if it is only a fraction of a pound. Considering that this is only the second time in 29 weeks that the scale has gone up and they have both been on nights that I normally do not attend meetings, I would chalk it up to differences in routine.

Tonight we discussed Thanksgiving and what the "normal" points would be for a Thanksgiving feast. Given there was only space for two desserts instead of six, I still came up with about 40 points. I know I didn't have quite that many at my Mother-in-law's feast, but I would have to say I came mighty close. We brainstormed about ways to cut back on the points, but that is so much easier to do when you're preparing the meal yourself. I'll be going to my Mother's on Thanksgiving for round two of the feasts. I know this will be a more point-friendly feast as my Mom does watch what she eats and my Dad has diabetes, so there are not quite as many sweets.

It sure is different going to a meeting that you normally do not attend. I have a greater appreciation for the group that I am normally part of as they are very open and willing to participate along with the leader being much more personable. I'm glad I tried another meeting, but will be glad to get back to my Wednesday group next week.


Kathy said...

I love being in control of celebratory meals but it isn't always possible. My older daughter is having our dinner this year and when I suggested a points-friendly cranberry relish, there was stony silence. Yesterday she told me to save up my, I guess I will have to pick and choose wisely. I would really like to close out the year with a good loss...not a gain.

Good luck at your dinner.

Dee said...

Hey, you're SO CLOSE! ONEderland is nearby for you!

Just wanted to mention that I mentioned you on my post yesterday and somehow the link to your blog on my blog (at the lower, right-hand corner) isn't right -- so I will be fixing that ASAP.)