Monday, November 12, 2007

XL or not XL

I haven't gone shopping for new shirts since I've started losing weight. Pants are a different story, I'm on my fifth set of pants since April. I hate baggy pants, but the shirts on the other hand scare me. I haven't wore a large shirt for as long as I can remember. I know my XXL shirts are REALLY huge on me right now and I haven't been wearing them much at all. Even my XL shirts are very loose, but I hate the idea of losing that X. I'm sure I could easily fit into a large, but to me a large signifies that you are skinny and in good shape. I don't feel that way yet. My Mother-in-law was Christmas shopping today and mentioned that the XL shirts look so huge. When my wife looks at my pants and shorts, she has mentioned that they are so small.

So I suppose I should be asking for large shirts for Christmas, but I sure do like the idea of hiding behind the X.


Walking Faster
Last week was our 7th anniversary and as my wife and I were heading to TGI Friday's, she mentioned how fast I was walking. This was the first time that someone mentioned the speed at which I was walking as being "fast." The next day, one of the residents at my nursing home also mentioned that I looked like I was walking so much faster lately. I guess since I've been walking more for exercise, I've been trying to go faster so I can get the biggest bang from my buck.


Update on "Old Bitty"
Last week, I mentioned one of the residents at the nursing home who couldn't remember my name, but mentioned my gut. Well, today was another bingo day and the first thing I hear was my name. She remembered and then looked right towards my gut. So much for her forgetting! LOL


Kathy said...

I'll betcha when you put on a size "large" you will look like you just lost 20 pounds! I see it on the makeover shows all the time...those big loose clothes just make you look heavier than clothes that skim your body. Go for it!

Shannon said...

Go for the L!!!!!!!!!

kborn said...

I miss hearing residents make up names for employees. They're so cute!
There are so many different sizes that Large and XLarge can be! Mike wears Large shirts sometimes...that's awesome for you! Go for the Large and you'll continue to have the motivation to continue to lose the weight!

Dee said...

How funny! I've gone through the same thing -- I keep buying size XL but they're TOO BIG!! I bought a long sleeved tee-shirt a few weeks ago and I plunged in and bought a size L -- and it's still loose, but I do like things loose. But it was quite something to allow myself to buy a smaller size. Pants, on the other hand, I LOVE buying in a smaller size!! Strange.

One thing that I've learned about older people -- once they think something is a certain way, it IS that way!! It doesn't matter if you prove them wrong -- YOU'RE still the one who is wrong!! Don't let her get to you. Listen to the positive comments, and there are a lot of them!! D

Anonymous said...

I'm buying the've earned it. Keep up the good work. We love you.

Mom R