Friday, December 14, 2007

Bake Sale, Chocolates, Cookies, etc.

Well, I survived Friday. I worked this morning and there was a Red Hat Bake Sale today. Since I work in the Activity Department, I was assigned to work for an hour. Bought trail mix, cookies, a few ornaments and I ended up not eating supper tonight. Too many cookies and trail mix. I'm not far over my daily points, but I did not eat very healthy at all today. This holiday season is doing me in. Chocolates from families that sit in the employee lounge have done me in as well this week. I'm beginning to think I may be happy maintaining during this month and not even trying to lose, but I am so looking to hit 190, so I will keep trying. Unfortunately, the Christmas treats are beating me right now. I am doing much better than in the past.

Our busy Friday is over. I had a concert this evening, my 1st Grade daughter had a concert this evening, my wife had a work Christmas Party and my 3 yr. old and soon to be 2 yr. old stayed home with a babysitter. My officemate volunteered her 13 yr. old son to watch my kids and it turned out wonderfully. They loved him and he said they behaved well, not sure if he would have told me otherwise, but I'll get the lowdown on Monday.

Sunday, we're celebrating my son's 2nd birthday. I've tried to make healthy choices for a menu, so we'll see how it goes.


Kathy said...

I'm glad to be home where I'm only tempted if I do it myself. We went to the pharmacy last night and the chocolate aisle about blew me away and I haven't even been thinking of chocolate! I had to get the heck out of there...I feel so sorry for you guys who are surrounded by it all day!

noelle said...

I have it pretty easy too, I'm home and the only treats are homemade.

But you are right. Think about all you would have consumed in the past. Kudos to you!