Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Bucket List

I saw a commercial for Taco Bell today during the Packer game today that reminded me of my wife. It's a couple sitting on the couch and the lady is obviously pregnant. She sends her husband out for something crunchy. Before he leaves, she tacks on "and chewy...and cheesy!" Once he gets in the car, she calls he on his cell phone to add "add melty!" That sounds a lot like my world lately and my wife's cravings are my temptations. I have been very good so far, but will continue the battle till D-Day.

It was a day for TV watching as I also saw an intriguing commercial for a new movie starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman called "The Bucket List." Not exactly sure what the story is about, but by watching the trailers, it seems to be about the things you'd like to do before you "kick the bucket." I was thinking of doing a end of the recap tomorrow, but I may just throw together a "Bucket List" of my own. It seems fitting as most people live in the present and it's not about the past, but "what have you done for me lately" that counts.

Of course, I was not just sitting around watching the Packer game, I hopped on my elliptical for most of the first half. Ended up being an hour workout. I will miss my Sundays with the Pack as it has been an easy hour to exercise and watch something entertaining. Hopefully, they continue to fight towards the Super Bowl so I can get a few more Sundays in before the end of the season.


Dee said...

Haven't seen that trailer but then again, I don't watch much TV. I will watch out for it. Sounds like a good idea -- "Bucket List". I've thought of doing that before, but I like that name too! Not sure what I'd like to accomplish in my life -- just having my children love the Lord and serve Him would be wonderful. And I don't want to die with this weight on. That always bugs me...Morbid, eh? D

Anonymous said...

The kicker about the movie is that the two guys both have terminal illnesses and shared a hospital room and came up with the list. It's one on my "to see" list.

Anyway, I'm behind on my blog visits and just wanted to stop by and wish you a happy new year!

kborn said...

Maybe Claire's resolution should be to get her own food! :) Mike made me do it and it kept my intake and cravings down a little...I'd hate to see how much I would have gained if Mike went out to get food whenever I was hungry (it was bad enough working in a kitchen for 6 of the 9 months!!).

Good luck finding something to hold your attention while on the elliptical...I'm trying to find something to get me on the treadmill. It's just so boring to work out inside!!! If I come up with any ideas, I'll let you know.