Tuesday, December 18, 2007

One Bite

I've been trying to work on the "one bite" method this holiday season. One bite of a treat and that's it. Unfortunately, there are so many treats to try that one bite of this and one bite of that turns into an awful lot. One chocolate, one bite of brownie, one bite of cake, one handful of popcorn, one etc., etc., etc. I have been trying to stay within my daily points, but it is extremely difficult. I'm also trying to get all of my healthy guidelines (healthy oils, water, fruits/veggies, vitamins, whole grains, dairy, protein, less sugar).

To tell the truth, I had to look them all up!

The last two days my supper has consisted of brownies. Tonight at least I added some veggies and a side salad. The Good Health Guidelines have gone out the window this holiday season and I am guilty of calling it a holiSEASON instead of the holiDAY that everyone has been suggesting.

This "one bite" method has got to be worked on for a while as I bite of this and that is adding to too much of my daily intake!


Skinny Guy said...

Maybe it's time to cut out the treats for a bit. Try it just for a day, totally on plan, no treats, and see how you do. Then if you need to, try for two in a row.

Just remember, treats aren't treats if they become routine...

Kathy said...

It might work to do what Skinny says...and it would also make the "treats" special again when you do enjoy them on the holiDAY. I say...go for it! We'll cheer you on!

Shannon said...

Yikes, I was wanting to do the one bite method starting Sat. when I get to my parent's house... but maybe I should try and focus on the holiDAY :) Good luck!!!

noelle said...

I agree that it has to be a holDAY and not a holiSEASON. It's easier now with maintenance, but in the past I have allowed one meal to celebrate a birthday or anniversary...not even the whole day.

I'm too compulsive...and one bite leads to another and another. Pretty soon I'm taking a bite and handing the rest to my kids as I grab another "first" bite.