Monday, December 10, 2007

Week 33

Week 33: 195.8
Last Week: 197.8
Progress: Down 2
Starting Weight: 270.2
Total Weight Loss: 74.4
Average Weekly Loss: 2.25

I had to weigh in two days early this week. I'm glad I got to go tonight as a friend from the choir that I sing in reached her lifetime status tonight. Three other people hit 10%, so it was a meeting filled with awards. It was a very hectic meeting as the workers were struggling with a new computer system. I'm sure they're trying to get the kinks worked out before the big January rush.

In the meeting, we received new week 1 books and WW rolled out the Kickstart booklet as well. It's supposed to be a two week program to get your weight loss started at the beginning of the program. 20 points a day for two weeks. Yikes! I would not do well with 20 points.

Today, I went to the doctor for the first time in several years. Probably over six years as a matter of fact as I have not seen a doctor since my children were born. I wanted to meet with a doctor to make sure I'm on the right track and to get a second opinion on a goal weight. My WW goal had been set at 184 and after speaking with my doctor, I'm upping it to 190. He gave me a note to take to my leader and so it is, 190.

I know I could get lower than 190, but my thinking is that I want this to be something I can practically maintain. I will keep losing for a while after 190, but I don't want to get lower than 180. I am very happy with this new goal as I know it is something I'll be able to maintain.


Kathy said...

You are certainly not letting the Holiday season get the best of you! Terrific...and you're inching up on that goal weight, too. You must be so proud!

noelle said...

great progress!!! I bet it was just wonderful to go to the doctor and have him tell you you needed to lose another 5 or 6 pounds instead of 50 or 60!

How healthy you are becoming!

20 points for 2 weeks?! YIKES!!! I honestly don't know if I could lose on that little. When I first started and tried to stick to 21-22/day, I lost like 2 pounds in my first 2 weeks. Then with new materials and suddenly eating 27/day, I started having those big 3 and 4 pounds losses.

Crazy, huh?

Skinny Guy said...

It's always a great idea to have your doc on board with what you're doing. The important thing isn't the number that WW sets for you, it's whatever is healthiest for you.

I'll be getting the new WW materials tonight. It should make for some interesting reading, I'm sure...