Saturday, January 19, 2008

Great Visit with an Old Friend

Today, an old friend of mine came over to visit. He and I were roommates in college for three years and once college was over, we lived together for another 3 yrs. He got married, I got married, we both had kids and have seen each other infrequently since. I haven't seen him since about this time last year. I've talked to him and he has even visited the blog, but seeing me in person made his jaw drop. I told him that he had actually seen me at this weight before because I started college at 186. I am now very close to that weight.

So what happened. All I can say is St. Norbert College, made me fat. They forced freshman living in the dorms to get either a 14 meal or 17 meal plan for each week. I would eat breakfast after I worked in the food service department. My job was to get up before the break of dawn and put the food away as it was delivered off the truck. Not the most glamorous job, but it worked with my schedule through my senior year. I'd eat a full breakfast after work, usually grab something from taco bell or the campus Knight Klub full of fatty, fried food, and I usually ate a full dinner with the guys from my floor. Now that I look back at those meals, it's a wonder I didn't gain more weight.

Well, the visit today was very nice. My friend said that he probably wouldn't have recognized me had he seen me on the street. Somehow, I don't quite believe him, but it was a great feeling to have someone really take notice who hasn't seen me for a long while and used to see me daily.


CactusFreek said...

I don't think there is many of us wholooklike what we did in high school/collage...sigh...

What does a music theripyst do?

Kathy said...

College does a lot of people in when it comes to their weight. I was at my lowest adult weight during college. There was a lot of peer pressure to stay thin in the girl's dorm. It was the first year after college that I got into gaining own apartment, my own money, cooking to impress my future Hubby, working the night shift at the hospital, living next door to one of the best bakeries in was a disaster...and the first time I turned to Weight Watchers! If I had only become a lifetimer back then!

Nurse Lara wanted to be a music therapist at one time, btw!

noelle said...

I remember sitting in the caf for an hour at a time at lunch and just eating and grazing for that entire time. Then there was the drinking on the weekends! YIKES

thank goodness for a fast metabolism because I maybe gained 5 pounds in that time.

TB--Milwaukee said...

Well, I could give a real scientific explanation for MT, but really it uses music to reach other goals such as fine/gross motor skills, reasoning, choice making, verbalizing, social interaction. It used a lot with the elderly/dementia, people with developmental disabilities ie. autism, downs syndrome, deaf, blind, etc. Started as a music teacher and realized there was so much more.

On another note, I did gain a good 30 pounds during college and another 30 after I moved out on my own. It was a good 10 pound a year incline.

~W~ said...

I am in the Easter challenge , too.
It always makes me happy when someone tells me I look like a different person.
I like your blog, and I like the music playing.

Skinny Guy said...

Seeing someone that hasn't seen me in a while is still one of my favorite NSVs.

Unfortunately, my weight gain was a life-long endeavor and not something I can blame on a few years in college.

Looking Great in 2008 said...

My problem is that I still look like I did 8 years ago. In those past 8 years I have lost the weight and put most of it back on. I find myself avoiding old friends because of embarassment. I can't wait until I am over that embarassment and not ove rit just because I have settled but because I am happy with where I am.