Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Week 38

Week 38: 192
Last Week: 194.6
Progress: Down 2.6
Starting Weight: 270.2
Total Weight Loss: 78.2
Average Weekly Loss: 2.06

I know I had a good week, but I was not expecting a 2.6 loss. I did great this week using most of my AP's, but at the end of the week I still had 31 Weekly Points left. I have not had that many left since well before Christmas. I have been in the habit of using every available point plus a few extra, so this week has been a good week.

At our meeting tonight, we discussed making better choices. Our leader went around the room and asked everyone about a better choice they made this week. I really didn't have a great answer, since most of the choices I made this week were "better choices." I exercised my booty off, I hit 10,000 steps everyday, I took a walk outside 4 out of 7 days, I hit my veggie and fruit quota by noon on most days. I'm hoping for another good week this week. Unfortunately, next week I'll have to pick a different Weigh In day as we are meeting with a designer on Wednesday night ((getting ready to remodel our kitchen from a 6x6 box to a huge family gathering space)).

At our meeting tonight, we lost 64.8 pounds as a group. That is the highest group total for a week since I have started. Truly a great total!

Before the meeting, my leader once again approached me and asked if I would ever consider working for Weight Watchers. Our meeting has had a lot of men lately and again tonight, we had almost 10 guys. The guys and the girls were close to equal for the first time. After the meeting, I stopped by the registration desk and picked up the number of the regional manager. May or may not give her a call.


Kathy said...

Great loss!

Hope you survive a remodel!

Go for it...WW needs people like you!

Crabby McSlacker said...

Wow, sounds like a great week. And what a compliment to be asked about working for WW.

noelle said...

I've thought about working for WW a lot too, but the scheduling thing would be an issue for me. Too many dinner time things when I need to be home doing homework and making dinner or driving people to and from lessons or practices.

That is a great loss. You are so close to your goal! You should see that by the end of the month easily. YEAH for you!

Good luck on the kitchen remodel. You are braver than I! At least it will be spring soon and you can do a lot on the BBQ to keep the meals freshly cooked. I've seen too many families turn into drive through junkies while their kitchens were being done! But I'm sure you'll do awesome!

As for having the time to cook-for us it's been out of necessity. It's more economical this way. But it's been a journey. I didn't start out like this by any means. Then again, I LOVE to be in the kitchen all day and would neglect every other aspect of the house to do that.

workout mommy said...

Great job on your loss!!! I also like how you are able to get your fruit and veggie quota by noon. That is something I need to work on, especially with the veggies.

Keep up the great work!

kborn said...

congrat this week!! I haven't lost any weight since my last 2# loss a few weeks ago. And my motivation has been skiing in Utah this week, so I've been extra lazy. I did start walking (at least to the corner) every day CARRYING Quinn instead of pushing her and carrying her around as I do chores for more resistance. I also dusted off the treadmill and made it my goal to work off at least twice the kcals of my Dew (should I choose to drink it). I also set the goal that for every 30 minutes I play video games, I have to walk a mile, clean for 30 minutes, or do 40 sit-ups. All these activities HURT ME right now!! Ridiculous. As it hurts less, my demands will increase.

A new kitchen??? It's about time!! Get it done before BB is born. You've done a ton of work in that's a long way from the way it was when you moved into the tiny upstairs. Can you believe you ever lived in just that space??? Has Claire had her ultrasound yet? Are you going to find out the sex?

Can't wait to see you in a few weeks!!! -your SIL K (and Q)

IAAdmin said...

Congratulations on the great week. From what I've read, men usually "go on a diet" on when they are classified as obese, where women diet even when they're not overweight.

Just a thought...........

Getting Real said...

Way to go on the awesome week. I wish we had a guy-centered weight loss group in my area, you would be doing a great service to you gender, so I hope you go for the postion.

Dee said...

You go guy! 192!! I'm proud of you ((( clapping ))) D

john - from fat to fit said...

Can't believe you are putting up numbers like that at this late stage in the game. Great job!

Skinny Guy said...

I Know I'm late to the party, but great job on that awesome loss!

Good luck with the kitchen.