Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Weekly Update

This Week: 187.2
Last Week: 192.2
Progress: DOWN 5
Starting Weight: 270.2
Total Weight Loss: 83

This maintenance game will not get the best of me. The receptionist at WW was a bit concerned about my loss. I honestly don't know what happened. Five pounds is the biggest loss I have had since starting. Not sure what I'll do yet. I'm thinking that I'll keep my points the way they are since I used the same number of points last week and gained 3.2.

Our meeting tonight was full of energy. There are really a lot of successful people that attend the Wednesday meeting and I am so glad that I was able to get back to MY meeting after missing it three out of the last four weeks. We talked about ANTS! Automatic-Negative-Thoughts. I can't...I'll never...It won't work...It's too hard!!

Lots of good conversation and I made a new friend. My regular crowd was missing, but a few newbies have been sitting near my spot. Today, I made a point to sit next to one that has been doing awesome. Tonight, she passed 20 pounds lost since New Year's. She said she had been thinking of me since I mentioned at the last meeting I was at that I used to watch "The Biggest Loser," while munching down an entire bag of chips preferable Doritos. I told her I don't do that anymore. In fact, now I watch it while exercising on my elliptical.

Speaking of "The Biggest Loser..." what's up with my local affiliate deciding an already decided primary election is more important than me seeing the Black Team weigh in. Oh well, I wasn't surprised by the outcome, just wish I knew how much everyone lost.


noelle said...

Good job at getting back down after a little gain last week. That's what maintenance is, isn't it? Gaining a little, losing a little, back and forth.

I wouldn't be alarmed either. But maybe you could have one extra treat this 4 or 5 points worth! :)

I watch BL half asleep on the couch thinking I should get up early and get in a good walk. Soon it will be warmer and I'll have no more excuses!

Anonymous said...

I watched the Biggest Loser also. And luckily the Madison affiliate didn't interrupt the Black Team's weigh-in. :) I knew Kelly lost 7lbs and Paul lost 5. I looked up the rest and Maggie lost 6, Bernie lost 5, and Brittany lost 3.

Sharon :)

Kathy said...

My favorite passtime years ago was buying the latest diet book and then sitting down to read it with all my favorite foods! Craziness!

IAAdmin said...

Maybe your lose was due to all of that shoveling..............:)

I also used to watch TV and eat chips, but now I eat carrots or low-fat popcorn.

kborn said...

I enjoy carrots or apples w/peanut butter. The protein sits well overnight and makes for a happier Quinn!

She slept great after dinner at your house too--was it the PB Krispie bars or the lasagna?? :)

swizzlepop said...

We talked about ANTS at my meeting too and I'm in CA. I guess they really do make the leaders all follow the same program.
Unfortunately I've been missing BL since AI started again. The husband prefers the singing. I figure I'll just have to catch it on line or during a marathon rerun day.
Congrats on the loss, and ignore the receptionist. Those ladies need to learn how to give some praise sometimes, even if the loss is beyond the "norm." Plus isn't WW always claiming that "results aren't typical?" You should say that next time :).