Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Weekly Update

This Week: No Weigh In
Last Week:
Starting Weight: 270.2
Total Weight Loss: 78.8

Snowday!! Almost 20 inches of snow today. I went to work this morning and left a little early. I was looking forward to going to WW tonight as I know I had a good week. I'll have to try to make it tomorrow as anyone who was smart today, stayed home and the Weight Watcher sites were closed.

Yesterday, was the midway checkin for my "At Work Weight Loss Challenge." I am half way there in one month. I signed up to lose 6 pounds and I have lost 3 pounds so far.

Today, was a good day. It's Ash Wednesday and from some reason, it has been easy to stay away from snacks. I usually do eat lighter on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday, but what really makes it any different than any other day? It's obligation. I feel obligated to stay away from snacks. I feel obligated to abstain from meat. This is the way I should act daily. Looking forward to a good weighin tomorrow, if my wife lets me go. Her school is once again cancelled for tomorrow as eight teachers are stranded in Florida and cannot make it back.


Kathy said...

I saw on the news how buried your area is in snow. Stay warm and safe!

kborn said...

she was worried the teachers would get stranded. and i found her pants. they were in my old dresser we don't use anymore along with a bunch of other preggo clothes. i can't believe i was that big!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
how's diane doing????

Dee said...

I had trouble getting out of the driveway today -- and that was after noon! We got a dumping too, and freezing rain, ice pellets and all that fun stuff. Everything looked sparkly with the sun on it today. Sorry you couldn't go to your WI -- hope it works for you tomorrow. D

Anonymous said...

20 inches of snow... That pretty much clinches it - I won't be moving to Milwaukee anytime soon!