Tuesday, March 4, 2008


The only thing that has been on local television all day has been the retirement of Brett Favre. I can honestly say, he has been a hero of mine for a long time. Exactly half my life as a matter of fact. 17 years on the Packers and bringing me joy and grief, stress and triumph. I was about 185 pounds when he started playing for the Packers and know I am back to that weight after spending much of his playing days at a much higher weight. It's amazing how long 17 years really is. I will truly miss his competitive nature. With that said, I did not weigh in for our at-work weight loss challenge. I hate losing! I weighed myself on the scale at work yesterday and I was 1.5 pounds too high. I may change my mind on Thursday and try weighing myself. There are 45 people in the challenge and at the end of today only 2 people had reached their goals. I am buckling down and eating less yesterday, today and tomorrow to try to make my goal. Not really the WW way to do things, but I want to win!

Here's to Brett Favre, a hero, a role-model, a "winner" from TB a big "loser!"


Anonymous said...

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Kathy said...

You know how much I admire sports heroes and it is always a little sad to see one retire.

I'd bet on you making it to your goal by Thursday!

Anonymous said...

I'll miss #4, too....the games just won't be the same. But I say "good for him"...wish I could retire!