Friday, March 7, 2008

Friday Hodge Podge


I don't go out of my way to buy Weight Watcher products normally, but they have come out with a few new flavors of yogurt. My new favorite has become Amaretto Cheesecake. Apparently, I am not the only one to find this new flavor as it has been sold out every time I've checked at my local grocery store. I did manage to get my hands on some recently and will continue to keep my eyes open for this flavor. There are other new flavors including Cherry Cheesecake and Boston Cream Pie, but I was not impressed by the Cherry Cheesecake and for some reason, brown yogurt just did not appeal to me as this was the color of the Boston Cream Pie.


Wowsers! I was very worried about making it to my 6 pound goal for my Weight Loss Challenge because on Tuesday when I sneaked a peak at work, I was still 3 pounds away from my goal. I didn't think not eating breakfast would have such an impact, but that's what I did yesterday. I didn't eat or drink anything from 6:00pm Wednesday till the time I weighed in (10:30am) on Thursday. I was completely taken by surprise when I weighed in at 184! I needed to weigh 188 on the scale to reach my goal and I easily surpassed my goal. At the time I weighed in, only 6 people had reached their goal, so we should be receiving a nice little check soon :)

Last night, I completed my training as a receptionist. It's amazing how many people came to sign up for WW last night. There were 8 new members at the first meeting. My mentor told me that this usually does happen when word of the free registration spreads. Free registration for Weight Watchers ends tomorrow. I felt much more comfortable this week and did not feel rushed and nervous like I did last week. There are definitely certain steps that need to be followed when checking someone out, like you must weigh in before purchasing items unless you go through a few extra steps. I am excited to start for real a week from Wednesday. Today, I received my name tag in the mail, so I will look like an official employee rather than a trainee.


AndrewE said...

Good stuff.

You must eat heavy breakfasts normally. ;)

noelle said...

You are a total cheater, Mr. Not Eating or drinking anything for 12 hours!!!

I would have done the exact same thing! LOL

Congrats on being an official WW guy!