Monday, April 28, 2008

In Praise of: Tea

I know I've mentioned, News Currents before, but I really do enjoy reading this weekly news subscription with the residents that I work with. This week, there was an article about "TEA." I have not really been a tea drinker in the past, but I have started drinking it a little more often lately. I brought some Lipton's Green Tea. I have been enjoying it in the evening with a splash of milk. I never would have thought to add milk until I saw one of the residents in the dining room add milk to her tea. After reading NewsCurrents, I came to find out that adding milk to your tea is an English tradition.

I had know idea that tea was the second most popular drink in the world. Wow! I found this quick read about the benefits of drinking tea. Tea has the potential to combat Type 2 diabetes, help boost your immune system, build bone strength, help your heart's health. It also has the ability to build and improve memory power.

I had know idea what the difference between green tea and black tea was either before today. I now know that they come from the same plants, but are prepared in different ways. Black tea comes from leaves that are dried while green tea comes from leaves that are steamed or heated to keep their green color.

An interesting fact from NewsCurrents: "Each day, people around the world drink about two and a half billion cups of tea. WOW! It's one of the 0 point beverages as long as you don't add anything to it too;)


Kathy said...

I keep a stash of several different flavored teas and enjoy a cup in the afternoon, especially. Check out the white teas, too!

Jean said...

I came across your blog on tea. Good for you for finding the tea information and relating it to other people. I also invite you to our little tea house in the Third Ward to enjoy one of our 80+ varieties of loose leaf tea. Visit us at for information and a look at our tea.

Brew City Tea, Milwaukee

Andrew is getting fit said...

There are so many different kinds.

I've just started drinking green tea again after about a year of not drinking tea at all and I'd forgotten how much I liked it.

Crabby McSlacker said...

Wish I liked it as much as coffee--but it' ain't bad and it's SO healthy for you. I drink black, green, red, and am getting ready to try white too--they all seem to have unique health benefits so I like try a variety.

jean said...

Coffee lover? No problem. Brew City Tea has a coffee bean and black tea blend. The aroma is fantastic and the taste is wonderful.