Monday, April 7, 2008

Weekend Cleaning

I've been cleaning out the basement this weekend, getting ready to move half the kitchen to the basement for awhile. It will be in boxes, but I still had to make some room for them. In doing so, I noticed that as long as I kept busy, I didn't think about eating at all. I came upstairs a few times for water, but never once thought about grabbing something to eat. I have a pile of stuff to donate or "Freecyle". It amazed me that I kept busy from about 9:30-1:30 without interruption and I wasn't even hungry. I ate a very light lunch and felt satisfied and actually kept on organizing. I shall remember this weekend as a victory.

My wife, read about my brat feast and I guess I was caught. She actually only saw me eat one! She also commented that she was quite impressed that a post about brats got more comments that those about super foods. Go figure! Actually, I would much rather talk about the greasy and delicious foods, but I know that I need to focus on the healthy ones. That being said, tonight I bought some flaxseed meal. I'll be adding a tablespoon or two to my oatmeal tomorrow morning and I'll report back.


kborn said...

Brats and baseball are way more exciting than kale, broccoli and flax seeds! :) HOWEVER, I have passed on this information to many people...and it has even helped me in my continuing ed for my CDM, CFPP!! THANKS TOM!

kborn said...

OH and also, we did the organizing thing too and I realized I ate less too!
And as far as "orange superfoods", the v-8 fruit/vegetable fusion drinks are great. The orange one is my favorite with sweet potatoes, carrots, pear, oranges, among others. 100% juice and a serving of fruit and one of veg for the day. I'd rather eat the fruit/veggie but some days it's just easier to have a glass of juice!

noelle said...

I love flax seed meal here. Make sure to keep it in the fridge since it still has the germ with it (and the natural oil) it can go rancid. It happens over time not in the 5 minutes I have it out of the fridge to use it like my dd thought and started freaking out about.

I think it really adds a nutty taste. And you will notice the extra fiber.

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Anonymous said...

Hey tb....when you're done cleaning your basement you can come start on our garage!! You could burn a TON of calories doing that! :) :)