Wednesday, May 14, 2008

5 for $5

Arby's has brought back the famous 5 for $5.95 promotion and I wondered how many calories you would consume if you ate everything from the choices. I was actually surprised to find out that if you ate all 8 choices, you would ONLY consume 2316 calories. That's a conservative estimate with the lowest calorie beverage and shake included. I can probably count on one hand how many times I have gone out to eat at a fast food restaurant other than Subway during this past year. Subway has been a staple as I can walk there very quickly. In fact, the employees know my order and have already asked, "is this one for your ...?" I just have to giggle and say yes. The Arby's choices surprised me as I was really expecting more calories and especially more fat from the two sandwiches.

Well, the title 5 for $5 actually has nothing to do with Arby's, but it gave me a good excuse to do some mindless math. My workplace is once again sponsoring an at-work weight loss challenge. I have done well in the previous two and thought there would be no harm in trying another one. This time, no money up front. Weigh in today, weigh in after 5 weeks. If you lose 5 pounds, you get $5! No strings attached. I'm sure this means that my yearly raise of a quarter will probably be cut, since the money has to be coming from somewhere. The dietitian weighing everyone in mentioned that several people are trying to lose the same 5 pounds they lost last time, but she also stated that it is great motivation to keep working at it and not let more pounds creep on before too long. I totally agree. I know the ladies from my department that have succeeded in the past have gained the 5 pounds that they lost. Even I tricked the scale and am not quite as low as my final at-work weigh in of 186. I'm looking forward to the challenge and hope to be able to stop at Arby's on June 17, the last day of the challenge. (Of course, I'm kidding!)


Andrew is getting fit said...

I thought that was McDonalds till I started reading the post. It looks pretty similar. I quite like the idea of someone giving me money to lose weight!

Anonymous said...

can you pick me up a cherry turnover and some curly fries??
TW :)

Dinah Soar said...

I love a bargain but sometimes those money bargains aren't calorie bargains...too bad. Thankfully though Subway is pretty reasonable. Have you tried the Quizno's Sammies? Two dollars each and 2oo calories...I keep meaning to try them but can't remember to do so.

Dee said...

I tell ya, a gluten-free diet will keep all those temptations from ya!! LOL They look "fast food" is a baked potato at Wendy's. D