Saturday, June 21, 2008

First Day of Summer

This weekend NASCAR is in town. We live within walking distance to the Milwaukee Mile and hear the roar of the engines all week. Today, they started at 7:30am and I'm sure they won't stop till about 11:00 tonight. Summer is an awesome time of the year to get out and move. This week, I bought a new pedometer. Yes, it is the new WW model. I had the old one and I always hated tucking my shirts in since it was so bulky and had the big WW swosh on the front. I felt like a walking billboard. Well, the new model is noticeably smaller and has a very small WW emblem on it. I am much happier with this one and have tucked my shirts in for the last two days. I have gotten more comments in the last two days about my appearance than I have in the last six months. Either I looked like a slob with my untucked shirts, or tucking them in really does make a difference.

Happy First Day of Summer! I'll be enjoying the hum of the engine all day.


Andrew is getting fit said...

Who would of thought that people like neatness? :)

Kathy said...

You be good to my boys this weekend, you hear?

kborn said...

we were just watching them on TV. I said "hi" did you hear me?!?! hope the girls are having fun away from home!

Anonymous said...

I opened the online edition of our local paper this morning and the first words I saw were West Allis, with coverage of the race. I had to do a double take to make sure I had opened the right thing. Who knew the race would be front page headlines around here. It sure was fun to see! I miss the noise, but not the traffic.

Hope you and the boys had a nice weekend!
:) Peachy