Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What Are You Afraid Of?

Totally off topic: I just saw the definition of OCD while I was taking a walk tonight. There was a gentleman trimming his hedges and to do so perfectly, he had a level and was checking multiple sections to make sure it was completely level. If I ever get to that point, God help me!

I've been thinking of this question all day. I think my answer is actually two parts. The first part of my answer would be that I am afraid of being arrogant. I had an extremely steady weightloss with no major hiccups along the way. I am feeling afraid that if it was so easy to lose the weight, I'll become too comfortable and start eating just a little bit too much. I'm feeling so confident that I can do this that I'm finding myself eating more than I know I should.

The second part of my answer would be that I am afraid of being successful. It was so easy to be fat. I could poke fun at myself and people laughed with me. I could use my weight as an excuse to get out of certain difficult situations. Now, I'm being looked upon as an example. People ask me for pointers, for WW information, for the "magic pill."

I know I have nothing to really be afraid of. I know how lose weight, I know how to keep it off, what do I really have to worry about? It's the balance between overconfidence and obsessive weightloss behaviors that I need to find.


Andrew is getting fit said...

Finding that balance is the key. Thanks for sharing.

Kathy said...

I wondered about those waist measurements too so I triple checked them. The answer is that women don't suffer the negative side effects until they have reached that higher number so they are allowed a couple more inches. Dr. Oz of Oprah fame recommends 35" for men in his book on the subject. American men are bigger than the Japanese so I guess that accounts for the difference.

Matt Keeling said...

I know I am not to my goal yet, however as you know my weight loss has been very steady and pretty dramatic. I find that people around me are at times jealous or annoyed, and not I wonder if I have and air of arrogance in regards to my weight loss. Primarily because I am not find this to be "the hardest thing I have ever done".

You will find the right balance as I think we all will have to. It may also be a constant struggle to find that balance, just like I am sure maintenance will be a constant struggle to continue to make smart choices.

Thanks for sharing.

Mrs. Darling said...

My first 30 pounds came off nicely but now Im stuck. Im redoubling my efforts.

I have to agree with you about that guy trimming his hedge! Goodness, who even has the time for that?

Dee said...

Amazing about the guy trimming his hedge! Life is waaaaaaaay too short to be like that!

I do think that it's good to go over the emotional "stuff" about weight loss -- I didn't do that when I lost the weight the last time and I really do think that's why I gained it back. I NEVER want to do that again.

How's that Ben doing?? Give him a hug for me! D