Sunday, August 31, 2008

Back to School

My little 4 yr. old started all-day 4K last Thursday. It was an exciting time for everyone in the family as Elizabeth now has someone else in her school, Caryn started a new school, Alex is now the "Big Boy" of daycare, and Ben, well, he's just new. Benjamin started daycare the week before with the whole clan to get into the routine. Thursday was a tramatic day for our little Caryn. She loves daycare, but was not quite sure of school even though our neighbor is in her class. The two of them have been playing together since the day they were born, just one week apart from each other.

Change is hard. What isn't hard? My brave 4 yr. old let go of Mommy's hand on Thursday and my hand on Friday even though it was hard. What was the most exciting part of Thursday and Friday for little Ms. Caryn? Thursday morning, she woke up extra early just to make her lunch! Friday too! Hot lunch was not offered these first two days so the kids had to bring their own. I tried hard to make healthy lunches for the kids without making them too messy and allowing for finger foods. Elizabeth, got a new thermos this school year and decided the first day that she wanted Mac & Cheese since her Mommy used to bring it "all the time." She also packed string cheese, a Danimal-yogurt smoothie, crackers and a Pixie stick. Yes a Pixie stick! Caryn packed string cheese, a Danimal, crackers and a Pixie stick too. In fact, that's the reason she woke up early, to make sure Daddy didn't forget the candy. Caryn is quite particular and she wanted two sandwiches. One peanut butter and one butter. That was the beginning of the school year. Next week, we will start picking two hot lunches a week for each. We limit hot lunch to two a week since it's $2.25 and I know they don't eat everything offered to them.

Have a happy Labor Day! Off to rest!


Kate said...

Change is incredibly hard. But it sounds like your kids take change like a grain of salt! Don't you wish us adults could adapt to change that easy?

SuperDave said...

That coolest thing about back to school is back to school.. Yahoo!
A few hours of peace. LOL!!

Anonymous said...

Reading between the lines, I'm guessing it was more difficult for you and your wife than it was for your children, yes?

new*me said...

Cute post :) Kids are just so cute about starting something new. I love the fact that you let them take a pixie stick :) because I bet that made them feel special at school!

Anonymous said...

RYC: :) Excellent comeback question too. I like it!

MizFit said...

change is HARD.

for them

for us

glad your back blogging more often--why did I think you werent?!