Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Can You Say: "DEEP FRIED!"

About the only things not deep fried at the Wisconsin State Fair are the Cream Puffs and those have plenty of creamy goodness in them already. This year's new deep fried feature was Macaroni and Cheese on a stick. Since I really have never tried mac & cheese, it didn't appeal to me, but my sister-in-law, wife and kids seemed to enjoy it. My wife would like to get back to the fair yet to try a deep fried pickle. Not quite sure about that one either.

I'm not sure if it's a good thing or not that I live within walking distance to this treat heaven. The fair is only about 5 blocks away from our house and we actually have people that pay $5 to park on lawns on our block, so we must live pretty close. I've been there twice so far and the fair runs through Sunday, so I may be going back again. Today, was "Grazin' Day." Yes, it 'twas a bad day. I am a sucker for a bargain and since there were so many great deals today, I couldn't pass them all up. Went to have a pulled pork sandwich with chips, a quarter glass of "Mocha Milk", a Maple Syrup Sundae and a few bites of a Cinnamon Roll and Quality Nuts. Unfortunately, today I went with a group from my nursing home so I didn't even have the advantage of walking to and from the park.

Best sign I saw at the fair: I Don't Skinny Dip, I Chunky Dunk! Made me giggle and I did take a picture of it unfortunately, it was on the "work" camera though.

Been doing fine here and probably the best news for me is that I am subbing WW meetings the next two evenings so there is no way I will be heading to the fair for supper.

Have a great week ;)


new*me said...

great pic of you and your wife ;) I lived in Alabama for 3 1/2 yrs and I have to say...deep fried is the rage there. Fried pickles are good but just WRONG! So, can you smell the food from your house? I bet it could be dangerous to sleep with the windows open.....visions of cream puffs dancing in your head ;)

Anonymous said...

I don't know how I missed it before but I just saw your starting weight vs your lowest weigh in weight. Congratulations! It looks to me like you've passed up on more than one deep-fried dish. The reward was worth it. Nicely done! and Congratulations on subbing a WW meeting!

noelle said...

Last summer we were at the Iowa state fair and everything there is deep fried too! My hubby LOVES it. Deep fried oreos? yuck!

But I do like a deep fried pickles every once in a while. Totally a pms thing! lol They sell those at the bowling alleys around here.

Kate said...

In Re your comment about eating out of the bag...totally me too, it's like if I stand in the kitchen eating out of the box of wheat thins they don't count lol. If only that was true right?

In vegas they had fried twinkies and oreos...just seemed wrong.

Fairs are really hard, there is so much good food, good job for passing up what you did, I think it could've been 10 times worse! It's the elephant ears and funnel cakes I have problems with...can we say holy fat and calories?

Kathy said...

Saw your title and immediately knew you were talking about the fair! They seem to be as famous for the latest in fried foods as they used to be for blue ribbon projects and the ferris wheel!

Here in Indiana, the fair is famous for the pork chops and corn on the cob, but the fried twinkies and candy bars were big in the news last year.

Too much walking in the heat for this old granny so no temptation here, thank goodness.

btw...cute picture of you and the little lady!

Lanceman said...

The Wisconsin State Fair! I haven't made it this year and don't think I will (maybe that's a good thing with all the food temptations!).

But, hey, my philosophy is that you have to splurge on your diet every once in a while.

So enjoy, I say! But then get back on the wagon. (I'm speaking to myself here - I've been off a little too much recently).

kborn said...

Is that the photo I took? It actually looks decent...nice. No photo of your family with Hailey? Laf...anyway, glad I'm not closeby! I'd be there eating waaaay to often!

Mrs. Darling said...

Oh groan its time for our state fair too! I always think I need an elephant ear! I really dont but so many memories are wrapped up in that, ya know what I mean?

Anonymous said...

Maybe i can get melissa or sharon to go in on the beer battered pickle spears! But that mac and cheese was GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!...and i gotta get me a grilled cheese, too.. I am having 'naked' corn on the cob for breakfast.. how many points is that? -TW

john - from fat to fit said...

I'e managed to stay away from the State Fair once or twice over the last few years. Way too much deep fried goodies. I think this year they are going to have chocolate covered bacon!

Anonymous said...

That mac and cheese was really good. Glad I only had a bite..don't want to think of how many WW points were on that stick!!

The only reason I go to the Fair is for a cream puff and I did indulge on that treat! One a year isn't so bad.