Sunday, September 21, 2008

Dear Dolores

Dear Dolores,
You have been an inspiration to all Weight Watcher members for 22 years. You started Weight Watchers before the days of Flex and Core. You follow the "Dolores" plan, which has worked for 22 years; a combination of everything that you have learned through your experiences along the way. I am so impressed by your diligence and perseverance. For 22 years, you have come to a meeting at least once a month and weighed in to make sure you are still on track and under your goal weight. 22 YEARS!!!
If we had more members like you, Weight Watchers surely would have gone out of business long ago as you have not had to pay for a meeting since your losing times. I am truly humbled by your accomplishment.
Dolores I am sad to say you are 3 pounds over your goal weight today and you must pay the $12 weekly fee. This does not mean that you have failed. Please continue on your journey and I sincerely hope you do not need to pay Weight Watchers for another 22 years.

Yesterday, at my Saturday meetings, lovely Dolores came in to weigh in. She was beaming as a success story who has only had to pay once in 22 years. Unfortunately, the scale was not her friend on this Saturday. 3 pounds over her goal weight for the first time in several, SEVERAL years. I was devastated! I think I felt worse for her than she did for herself. She graciously fumbled through her purse as she was not expecting to have to pay and humbly handed me her credit card. The other ladies in line were also horrified and consoled her as well.

I only hope that 22 years from now, I can still be attending a Weight Watcher meeting for free and step on the scale and be 3 pounds over my goal for the first time. What an accomplishment! 22 years!! She is certainly a role model for all and has certainly won my heart over. Next time I see Dolores, I am certain she will be 3 pounds under her goal ;)


Andrew is getting fit said...

22 years! That's some serious commitment. :)

Kathy said...

What a wonderful accomplishment! Is Delores a teacher? It seems like they are so disciplined!

D said...

Way to go, Delores!!!

RYC: That's one of the nice things about making your own granola is that you can control the calories/points by putting much less sugar/sweetener in and less fat. You can also choose what ingredients you like most. Yes it needs to be eaten in moderation, but it is also very, very healthy for the body. Hope you try it (I keep mine in the freezer so it lasts a long time and isn't there for munching.)

Have a great day! D

new*me said...

she's an inspiration! You are blessed for knowing her :)

Anonymous said...

What an example! What a goal!!! Next time you see Delores, tell her what an inspiration she is. Thanks!