Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Next Chapter

I've been stressing and stressing this last week. What happens when I get stressed? I don't so much eat, but I can't sleep, feel unmotivated, and get a nasty zip on my chin EVERY time. In my past occupation as a music teacher, it happened each year right after Thanksgiving and the feeling went away after all the Christmas concerts. Anyway, mMy wife and I have discussed this several times in the past, but now with 4 children it has become "the" time. I will be staying home with the boys as of October 1st. I really wasn't stressing about the situation, more about how my boss would take the news. In fact, when I went in to talk to her, it felt more like the right thing to do. I love my job and like forward to returning to the field after the kiddos are all in school, but for now, I am an official "stay-at-home-Dad."

That will be the biggest challenge "stay-at-home." I always do great when I have a planned breakfast and lunch at work, but at home, I will have 24/7 access. I'm a little worried there. The other thing that concerns me is my 10,000 steps. It is so easy to get 10,000 when working because I'm escorting wheel chairs from here to there and back again and easily rack up 10,000 by 2:00 in the afternoon. At home, I sometimes struggle to hit 7,500 on the weekends. My goals will need to be modified and I know I am up for the challenge.


Kate said...

Wow, well congrats on the big new TB!

As with you, I always struggle a little more when I'm home (weekends and days off!), so I can understand the struggle, but I know you will adapt in no time, and my guess is, you'll be so busy taking care of the boys, you'll hardly have time to eat!

Kathy said...

I watched the triplets three days a week for a couple of years and found out it really paid to schedule the days they were with me just like I would if they were in a pre-school. It was too chaotic otherwise. We set aside times for meals and snacks, learning, rest, and physical activity. It also made the day go faster!!!

Good luck...I'm sure you'll be a great Mr. Mom! Do you have the coupons ready for the poker games like Michael Keaton did???

spunkysuzi said...

What a wonderful gift to give your children ;) I can't think of any other job that will be as fulfilling!

kborn said...

That's HUGE news. Let me tell you what, though, even though it'll be the winter months, you'll find ways to get exercise every day! Benji will be all over soon, so you'll have to chase him down. And, well, like AJ ever really sits still! I'm sure Bill would be able to give you some pointers on what it's like to be at home with two kids. How is it that I'm the Rebarchik that's the SAHParent as all my sisters and brother are working?? Who would've seen that one coming???

As far as exercise, too, NYC has "inside" gyms that are like $5/visit where the kids can run wild--Q's almost to the age to enjoy that--just in time for winter when the parks won't be an option!

I was also worried about eating a lot being a SAHM as I ate a ton before Q was born when I was home...turns out that was just the pregnancy as I'm lucky if I eat 3 full meals a day now as I eat when Q eats and sometimes that means my food waits a little while! And it helps that I puree her meals instead of buying Gerber as that means healthy stuff has to be in the house! And again, a bag of beans costs the same as 2 containers of Gerber and makes about 10xs the meals!!

Even the trip to the grocery store counts! It's motivation to get out of the house, to take the 6 block walk to the grocery store, to only buy as much as the stroller can carry...so I have to go back every 2-3 days (which is in time to get more fresh produce anyway!).

So, how did the boss take it then?
I also am excited to return to the workplace to help push wheelchairs around and help brighten the days of the elderly...when the kid is in school. :-) Will you miss MDSs as much as I do (ha ha)??

Does this mean more posts on BB4???? I hope so, I miss seeing your kids in all their adorableness.

Wow, guess I had a lot to say about that.

James said...

Tom, I've done it, and it's amazing. Now, of course, I didn't lose any weight during that time, but the other more rewarding facets were well worth it. Congrats on a great decision; you'll love it.

Alexia@theonelastthing.com said...

Great! My husband is part-time in school, so he is home a bunch with the kids. And I work at home mostly, too. We love being home with them and they love it, too! You'll find ways to be active. My husband was better at that than I was at first, so I've taken some lessons from him!

SuperDave said...

Your kids will appreciate it.
Doesn't wrestling with the kids count as exercise? haha

new*me said...

That is some big news :) I know a lot of parents HAVE to work, don't have a choice, but I think if one can stay home with kids, it is soooo critical and powerful in their young little lives. Way to go! You will have fun! Make a routine for all of you. You may have to get a good workout in before the little ones get up in the morning.

You are doing an awesome thing :) Good luck.......and don't forget to breathe when it gets stressful!

kborn said...

ha ha, "new me" -- WHEN not IF!! :-) Two boys may be a handful!

TW said...

Alex will keep you running.. you won't have time to eat.. it is Elizabeth and Caryn who are ALWAYS hungry anyway.. a little after school snack won't be too bad.. hmm.. didn't make those brownies, did I?? maybe you can come visit me once in a while...There is always the zoo.. Benjamin is big enough now and on an eating schedule that would be a great walk.. esp as the weather gets cooler and the smell of fall is in the air.. and Sam's club.. that is good for 1,000 steps..Love ya!!

Anonymous said...

Wow...big news! Your boys will benefit from the extra TLC and I bet they won't be sick this winter. Think of all the money you will save on day care and after school care. Maybe enough for that trip to WDW!! :) I'm behind you 100%...maybe Alex and Ben would like to come and play with Hailey once in awhile. I was a SAHM, mainly because we figured my salary would go to babysitters and it wasn't worth it. I don't regret one minute I spent rocking my "babies". You'll be too busy to eat. You can always get exercise pushing that Kirby around the house, too, not to mention chasing Alex.

Good luck, Tom. I know this wasn't an easy decision for you. You still have your WW meetings to get you out of the house. Claire is a lucky woman.


Mary (A Merry Life) said...

I struggle when I am at home more. I always gained weight during my college breaks when all I had to do was sit around at home or go to my part time job. Its a lot harder to be active and stay away from the food, since it is always there and an easy escape from boredom, but you can do well if you just try. But you have to try hard and make sure you schedule in workouts and extra steps. And I am sure that the kids will keep you plenty active. :)

Andrew is getting fit said...

It sounds pretty good to me! Good luck with getting the exercise in.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Tom!!! Or should I type Congratulations All, because it really will be a wonderful thing for the whole family.

Your children are lucky to have you and well, TW is even luckier!

If you're not already, get on the WA website for day time activities around town like storytime at the Library. And there is always walking at the mall. I used to drop the girls at school and James and I would head right there to get in my 45 minutes.

Can't wait to read about all the adventures of the BB's!!

Love you all!

noelle said...

That is great! and you will find lots of routine in your day. But is Claire ready to come home to a bachelor party every day? Well, not a REAL bachelor party, but Im sure you boys will have a lot of fun!

D said...

My DH says that he'd have trouble staying away from the pantry if he was at home, but I think it's different when it's you at home. I mean, it becomes your workplace. I'm too busy to stand in the pantry and yes, I do eat the odd extra thing, but less than if I were out of the home & tempted by all the restaurants & corner stores around. Lately the thing that I eat a lot of (I call them my "crack"!) are BLUEBERRIES!!! yum. $2.99 for a tiny tub of them, but I've bought at least 6 of them this week...won't last long.

Anyway, it's great that you're taking your kiddos lives into consideration -- I have never regretted being home w/ the kids, in fact, I've been home now for over 19 years!!! I think it's a huge blessing & privelege to spend these years with them.

Looking forward to more posts...from a dad's perspective!! ;) D