Tuesday, December 30, 2008

It was the best of gifts...It was the worst of gifts

Christmas brought with it the obligatory gifts of socks and underwear, but it also brought three unexpected gifts. First, an awesome alarm clock that makes it fun to wake up in the morning. I see the numbers on the ceiling and have two different alarms that can wake me up daily, only during the week, only on the weekends, or not at all. This week, the "not at all" one has been working overtime. It is just too cozy to lay in bed with no worries. My wife decided that she was sick of hearing me whine about how cold I am every night as I hop into bed. She definitely took it upon herself to solve my whining. I got a down comforter and a set of flannel sheets that make me want to go to bed before 10:00 when our heat automatically turns down to 58 chilly degrees (don't worry, we wrap the baby up in about 5 blankets and he is the warmest out of all of us). Well, going to bed early and waking up late is probably not the best possible way to live a healthy lifestyle, but for this week it will work nicely as our four kids are still suffering from a "Christmas Hangover."

I'm thinking of sleeping the rest of the week as it is truly the only time I'm hearing peace and quiet. Unfortunately, I've been drinking lots of water and can't sleep through the night either.


Alexia@theonelastthing.com said...

I'm feeling spoiled and indulgent setting the temp at night to 67!

spunkysuzi said...

:) In 8 years we've never turned the heat on in the bedroom and we have the door closed at night!! Yep we have a down comforter :) and lots of body heat! Much healthier for you in my mind.

Kathy said...

I love a cool bedroom to sleep in too. We keep the heat at 60 degrees in the house and the register in the bedroom closed. It is so cozy under the blankets but, as you have found, not so pleasant when you have to visit the bathroom or let the dog out during the night! We have decided that it is time to ease back into the 5am wake-up time after sleeping in for about 2 weeks!