Monday, December 15, 2008

Ten Days Till Christmas

Yesterday, we celebrated my little guy's 3rd Birthday. His birthday is this Friday, but we wanted to have a party a little bit before Christmas. My wife always makes a fancy cake and this year was no exception as she decorated a Lightning McQueen cake. He's a character from "Cars." The cake looked wonderful, but I passed on it. Seems to be the only thing I passed on yesterday. Cookies are a much bigger temptation for me than cake.

This week presents little in the way of food challenges, but we are busy. That usually means rushing around and eating more just because. My concerts, kids concerts, wife's school concert, and I'm fitting in a blood donation too since I canceled a few weeks ago because of being ill.

I suppose I should start my Christmas shopping soon ;)


Andrew is getting fit said...

I'm with you on the cookies trump cake. ;)

Kathy said...

Do ya think??? My husband used to go out to any store that stayed open late on Christmas Eve and would come home with the most ridiculous things! But those are the presents that the kids remember 25 years later!!!

The cake sounds adorable, and I'm with you...I'd be far more tempted by a homemade cookie.

MizFit said...

mine turned three last week. who knew that the terribletantrummy2s would POOF overnight? :)