Tuesday, January 6, 2009

One Black Eye

Back in September I wrote about people noticing something different about me and it happened to be that I was wearing my glasses. My problems with my eyes still have not completely gone away and after going to the eye doctor once again last week, I decided it was time to buy new glasses with the right prescription and forget about wearing my contacts at least for now. He actually told me that I shouldn't even try wearing them until summer.

I got my new prescription and went to a national eye care chain-store, who often advertises 2 for $99, and thought that I'd get two pairs just in case my kids grab one and break them or hide them on me. I was very pleased with the glasses until I got home and my wife asked what was wrong with my eyes. I proceeded to go to my parents house and again both my Mom and Dad asked what was wrong with my eyes. I didn't think anything of it as I could see perfectly fine. My wife told me to go look in the mirror and when I did, I saw the problem. I had one clear lens and the other one was a transitional lens that had turned completely dark after being in the sunlight.

Perceptions are sometimes blurry. One may go on not thinking they have a problem, or not even knowing that something is wrong. I am intrigued by Oprah Winfrey's battle with her weight. Did she not know what she was doing? Did no one mention it to her? I am hoping that if I ever slip into my "old" ways of eating that someone close to me will question me and tell me that I have "one black eye."


Andrew is getting fit said...

Yep. All too often I find people encourage you too eat junk rather than pointing out you shouldn't.

Kathy said...

Great post. But sometimes the people closest to us have the hardest time saying what we need to hear. If you want the truth you have to ask either very young or very old people. They are never afraid of telling you what you don't want to hear! lol

MizFit said...

now you have me wondering if she is really just surrounded by YES PEOPLE?
is even gayle afraid to tell her GIRLFRIEND YOU NEED TO REIGN IT IN!

another reason to be glad we arent rich and famous I guess.

kborn said...

huh...what's wrong with you eye?


James Hubbard, M.D., M.P.H. said...

Celebrities are surrounded by "yes people". Most only want to please the celebrity.

A lot of us regular are blessed to have loved-ones that don't mind telling you like it is.

Hope your eyes get ok soon.

Chellie has Issues said...

Great post and connection with people telling you when something's wrong. It would be nice to think that...but then I think of my insecure side. If my hubs said, "Hey you're becoming a fatty again," I might just punch him in the face. Appreciate it...maybe...want to kill him...definitely! :)