Saturday, March 21, 2009

Pick Your Battles

As a parent, I have learned already that some things just are not worth fighting over. My four year old has been darting from our van every morning no matter how hard I try to hold her hand and safely get her across the lane of traffic in the school parking lot. I know all the cars are watching as it is a school parking lot, but I'd still like her to hold my hand and learn the safe way. This week, her teacher gave her a "talking to" and it turns out that was exactly what my little Caryn needed. Since then, she has held my hand and in turn, my second grade daughter has also held my hand too. What happened? Someone else stepped in and explained it a different way. This was a battle that didn't bother me all that much. I never thought about it once the rest of my day went on, but now that she has started doing it "my way," I can tell how this battle was really a battle.

I wish I had someone to give me a "talking to." Someone to explain it to me another way! My battle with food will continue and it sure would be nice to have that teacher to talk to me..."You've been eating when you're not hungry", "You haven't been exercising as much", "Why haven't you been tracking, it was a key to your success!", etc.

I shall keep on trying, but this is a battle I need to face head on before it gets "out of hand!"


Anonymous said...

We're all guilty of hibernating over the winter and eating when we're not really hungry. With the nice weather coming, maybe it's time to get your kids and wife involved in an exercise walks, playing ball, etc. We all have to get in shape for July! I'll be joining you shortly in a quest to lose a few pounds. Keep up the good work..don't get discouraged!


spunkysuzi said...

I found that once i started eating in the evening it was really hard to stop that habit. And yes it had become a habit. Now i just will not eat anything after dinner!
And yes it's funny with kids how when someone else says something they listen :)
So here i am asking you to come back tomorrow and tell us that you didn't eat late tonight!! Do i have a deal??

kborn said...

GET OUTSIDE AND GET OFF YOUR BUTT. Maybe a new swing set is needed....or a walk to the park is even better!! Benji will need to enjoy the swings too!! :)

MizFit said...

nag nag nag :)

Im with spunkysuzi in that I slapped on about 15 pounds by nightsnacking.
and it wasnt even on too too unhealthy food----just more than I was burning off.
I am a habit woman and once it became a nightly habit for me it was hard to break.

TB--Milwaukee said...

I had a great weekend. No snacking after dinner...KT have you been talking to Claire? She thinks we need a new swing set!