Friday, March 27, 2009


I'm still having problems roping in my evenings. I know that I'm eating supper WAY to late. I'm not used to eating after 7:00, but because I've been working three evening WW meetings a week, I've had no other choice. It didn't affect me much the first few weeks, but I've noticed that it has really messed with my eating routine. Since I'm eating supper so late, I'm continuing the eating frenzy and blending my supper into my dessert into my evening snacks and then the "OK, I've blown it, might as well keep eating!" Fortunately, I only have two weeks of evening meetings left to cover and I'm hoping that this change back to my regular routine will be a good thing.

Can't wait to eat dinner with the family and have after dinner walks once again.


dhimas130184 said...

good tips, i love it.
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new*me said...

those evenings can be tricky ;) I say if you are experiencing real something good for you but if not .....drink more water ;) a big apple!