Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Smells a Little Fishy!

Last night, a long-time WW member came in and had a 6 pound loss. She has been following WW for over a year and has done an awesome job losing over 75 pounds. She recently stopped smoking, has gotten a personal trainer and is getting very close to a goal weight. What happened this week? Fish!

To shake up her system, she ate nothing but fish and veggies this week. Breakfast, lunch and dinner! Fish, fish, fish!! I'm not sure if this is a plan that I could follow, but it seems when I eat more fish, I have better success on the scale. So, this week I shall follow the "Fish Plan." No way will I eat fish for breakfast, but I will eat it for lunch each day and if I don't have a dinner planned, I'll eat it then too. I'm not expecting a 6 pound loss, but a little success on the scale sure would be nice.

I like fish, but always pick other options for lunch thinking fish is "too hard" to prepare. Not sure why, since I have prepackaged Tilapia in the freezer at all times. In fact, last night I opened a bulk pack that I bought at Sam's a few months back. Maybe it's just that I don't know different ways to prepare fish like I do other meats/proteins.

So I'm declaring this week's plan: Fish Week.


Ron said...

I am trying to get more fish in too... Right now it's only been once a week, but I hope to change that!

kborn said...

I wonder if that's omega fatty's or lower fat and chol....of course there are some fatty fishes out there....cool idea! Keep us updated!!

spunkysuzi said...

I must have read your mind because we had fish tonight :)

Anonymous said...

Lots of fish recipes online...will also check my collection of cook books and see what I can find for you. Keep up the good work!


MizFit said...

you know me :) I actually DO EAT the enveloped salmon when Im in a hurry for lunch.

I also buy shrimp at costco in bulk and just have that and veggies and fruit as a snack some day!

D said...

I couldn't eat it for breakfast either. But I love salmon (we had it last night -- DH isn't overly fond of fish unless it's deepfried and he can have that 1x per year on his fishing trip!!!) -- I cook the salmon and then crumble it up on a bed of baby spinach leaves, add some veggies (cut tomato, celery, peppers and brocolli slaw), add some flax oil (or italian dressing) and YUM!! Very good and awesome for you. You can also sprinkle ground flax seeds on top.

I'm getting hungry! :)