Friday, April 3, 2009

Bag Half Full or Half Empty

On Wednesday, my wife took a peek in the cabinet and noticed that the bag of licorice she had bought for my 3 year old was half empty. Alex has been having problems staying dry once again and this week, we tried licorice when he went to the bathroom. It has definitely worked. He has not wet at all this week and the licorice has been a great motivator.

When I checked on the contents of the bag later on Wednesday, I was actually surprised by how much was left. For one thing, it seemed like he was eating licorice constantly and for another thing, this Daddy LOVES licorice!! Unfortunately a little too much. The half full bag of Wednesday turned into the, "Oh fudge(I used stronger words), better go to the grocery store before my wife sees the empty bag," Thursday. Needless to say the bag was no longer half empty.

I'm had a good week of eating and I think the key to my eating fish for lunch and dinner has not spurred a huge weight loss, but it has affected my portion control. I am once again eating properly portioned meals instead of eating too much at meals.

Have a great weekend and I gotta go hide the licorice from myself!!


spunkysuzi said...

I admit i love licorice and if it was in the house i'd be grabbing a piece here there and everywhere :) But at least it wouldn't be chocolate!!
Portion control is a great thing and yep sometimes i think we gradually increase them and have to recheck our sizes :) Good for you on realizing that.

new*me said...

I love it too. Black or red? Red is my favorite. I haven't had any in a long time. When I was pg with Jacob 8 yrs ago, I ate it by the bag fulls. I saw Fat Free and thought it was okay to eat it in large amounts ;)

Great job on the portion control!

Ron said...

It would remain a full bag if it was in my cabinet lol, not a licorice lover here lol

Andrew is getting fit said...

That bag would not survive more than a few hours in my house!

Anonymous said...

I am going to tell ALEX he is in charge of that bag of licorice.. I also tried portion control with Alex.. and ripped of 2 pieces for him instead of giving him the whole piece.. BIG licorice for #2 small pieces for #1!! :)