Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Physical Part II

One great thing about going into my new old job yesterday was that I got to see many co-workers that I have not seen in years. Almost 4 years to be exact. I had stayed in contact with a few from my department, but most people would remember me as a "big guy" and now I'm not so big, wear glasses and have a lot less hair. There were many more than just a few double takes as I was able to spit out every one's names without hesitation while they struggled to realize who I was. On several occasions, I had to tell them even though we had worked with each other for over 5 years. It was interesting and fun to be back where I probably belonged this whole time in the first place.

I will not be working full-time and have no intention of working full-time as I've seen how much I bring home if I do work and it's much more fulfilling to stay home with the boyz. But it will be a good summer fill-in and evening "hobby" to get me out of the house for a while.

I know the Dr. scale was not off as my scale at home is pretty much antagonizing me with the same result. I've found it very difficult to stay away from the snacks and get enough movement in lately, not a good combination.

I'll work on my wife about a possible guest appearance. She's pretty busy currently with the end of the school year approaching and lots of new students to test for next year/summer school. We met while studying education in college. I made it the average 4 years as a teacher while she's been at the same school going on 14 years.

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carla said...

just checking that everything is ok?

we (the royal. the blogworld :)) dont like when you get, err, take time off.