Thursday, June 25, 2009

Putting the Winter Eating Habits Away

I put my winter clothes away long ago. I refuse to wear sweaters past March 1st, but continue to wear long sleeves for quite a while afterwards. I refuse to wear gloves/mittens or my winter coat after April 1st, but continue to wear a coat long afterwards. Now, it's June and usually it's shorts all the time, but you know about the shorts...

Why is it that I change my clothes with the seasons and the eating habits usually don't change? However, I have noticed myself eating differently this month. It doesn't seem that I want to take the time or energy to "prepare" food. Instead, I'm reaching for the raw food, easy to assemble and quick to eat. Salads, fruits, yogurts have replaced the cooked veggies and soups of the winter. Who wants to eat a steaming hot bowl of soup on a 100 degree day?

I'm also noticed that I'm drinking more and snacking less. Seems the winter brings with it a need to stock up the cheeks like a squirrel and the summer brings with it the need to bare all!!

It's been a busy, hot summer so far watching all the kids this week as the wife is helping with summer school. Long days by the backyard kiddy-pool!


Mary :: A Merry Life said...

I love summer. In the winter I seem to snack all the time and its like my body is trying it's best to stay fat and warm. In the summer I'm always drinking water and eat so much less. It is a good time!

Oh Sew Good said...

Do you get out of the pool long enough to let the kids have a turn?