Thursday, June 18, 2009

Uncomfortable Shorts

Last summer, I bought two pair of shorts that were a bit snug then thinking that I would lose a few more pounds and they would become more comfortable. Unfortunately, the few more pounds came in the wrong direction and my "bit snug" shorts have become a bit more snug. My pants fit fine since I never bought the smaller sizes. So, I've been wearing pants so far this summer.

My wife offered the suggestion to buy new shorts. Do I really want to buy new shorts and accept defeat? She said I should keep the small ones for "next summer" and buy some comfortable ones. I'm not sure what to do. Do I wear the totally uncomfortable ones and hope to lose the few pounds that are making them uncomfortable or do I just bite the bullet and buy one pair of comfortable shorts in the same size as my pants, which fit fine?

Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I'd be mad about buying new clothes. I don't want to make excuses about my weight and having to buy new clothes either, but I really should have never bought the smaller ones in the first place. What would you do?

I'm thinking, pants are working now, but when I go to Florida in late July, shorts would be welcome.


Ron said...

I would buy a pair or two of shorts that fit comfortably... two years ago, I was in Florida for vacation and got out the shorts I packed and was so uncomfortable, I went to wal-mart and bought 4 pair of size 36 shorts as the 34 were way to tight... today I am back in 32's

MizFit said...

Im one to get the pants which fit too (shorts I mean) BUT KEEP THE OTHERS FOR A BIT....and if you ever have that moment of IM NOT GETTING BACK TO THAT SIZE AND THOSE PIECES OF FABRIC ARE ONLY CAUSING ME TO FEEL WORSE ABOUT MYSELF AND MY JOURNEY----give em away.

Oh Sew Good said...

Florida? In July? Get some shorts. You're going to need them. If you have to walk around Florida in pants in July, you'll discover a whole new mad. :)

Anonymous said...

I say get at least two pairs of shorts that are comfy. It's going to be HOT!!! Don't think pants are even going to be needed during our week down there, although I will pack 1 pair for each of us...just in case it gets down to 75 or so!! I'm guessing 90-97 degrees each day with maybe a few showers here and there. Just remember...there are THREE pools at the resort! :) :)