Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Why is Everyday a Special Day?

Why is it so much easier to blog when you're doing well? Me, not so well lately. It seems to me that I have had several "special" days in a row. Meaning...it's a special day, I don't need to be careful of what I'm eating today. It started with last week Wednesday and has continued daily.

Last Wednesday, little guy's first birthday. Had to have a "row" of brownies or he'd be made at me ;)

Last Thursday, day after little guy's birthday. Gotta eat another "row" of brownies or they'll continue to haunt me till they're gone.

Last Friday, my wife's teacher appreciation dinner. What a buffet of awesome Mexican food, not to mention the Pina Coloda's!

Saturday: family wedding. First time my extended family has seen me since May of 2007. I look a lot different, celebrate with a "few" pieces of dessert.

Sunday: sister's graduation. You only graduate from high school once, so I better have another "few" pieces of cake.

Monday: trip to the zoo. Field trip with the K4 and 2nd grade and it's hard to pack a healthy lunch to go to the zoo, I'm not counting points for that!

Tuesday/Today: Caryn's K4 graduation. Again, you only graduate from kindergarten...well, let's see...you ONLY graduate from K4 once.

I have found excuses to not count points or to splurge on cake/brownies/sweets daily since early last week. The madness will only continue if I allow it too. Today, will be a good day as I passed on all the K4 treats since I don't want everyday to be a special day because before long, I will need a special trip to the store to buy bigger pants!!

Excuses for eating is what got me to the point I needed help in the first place. Eating when no one was watching got me to the point I needed help. Portion control and not exercising got me to the point I needed help. Need to get back to the point of healthy eating and exercising quick!

I had a great day yesterday for the first time in a week and will try to build upon it for today.


spunkysuzi said...

I have no doubt that you will jump right back on the wagon :)
I know sometimes it's hard to pass up things that are offered to you as you don't want to offend anyone. However, sometimes you just have to put your health first!

Kathy said...

Passing up desserts can be done...you've done it many times. You know all the tools you used to make it happen before...you just need to use them. You do well with challenges. Maybe you need to get yourself into a contest somewhere!

Ron said...

Sounds like your back on track now.... keep at it!

Miz said...

glad to see you are back on your path.

Your title made me think of that quote:


not sure why---but it did.

Oh Sew Good said...

I wonder if it's because there's still that feeling of deprivation there. Would it help to plan and eat, on purpose, something you reserve for special occasions? It might help to kick your brain out of that gear and if you realize you can have it anytime you want it, you won't want it so much anymore. Just an idea.