Saturday, July 11, 2009


What's the difference between $179.00 and $1790.00? One unhappy Weight Watcher!!

What a morning of WW meetings!

First, I woke up 20 minutes late, didn't even hear the alarm. It was hot, the fan was running and the thunder and lightning was lulling me to sleep. So I was unable to have my usual morning oatmeal and grabbed a quick yogurt. Went to Starbucks, which happens to be right across the street from the Weight Watcher center. I knew something was not right as there were actually people there at the strip mall. What also did not look good was that they had several sheet of plywood and were boarding places up. Thought for a moment that one of the restaurants had gone out of business till I actually looked closer and realized that they were boarding up the doors to 3 businesses out of the six that occupy the strip mall. Luckily, WW shares an entry with one of the quick loan types chains and the bugulars thought twice knowing they have tons of cameras around, so WW was untouched.

That was only the beginning of the biggest problem of the morning. After the 9:00 meeting, a lovely new member came into the center with a receipt in her hands for $1790.00, which she received when joining during the Thursday night meeting. She had received a call from her credit card company inquiring about a large amount billed to her from Weight Watchers. She was totally right. Her amount due should have been $179 for a new 17 week pass that has been recently rolled out. What a mess! I called WW, then was told to try our location coordinator, then the territory manager, then the credit card machine company. I should have started right with the credit card machine company as they were quick to fix the problem, which really turned out to be no problem at all.

Seems the receptionist at that meeting, who happens to be the location coordinator hit one too many zeros, but caught the mistake. She did fix the problem on Thursday night, but the credit back to her account would take 3-5 business days. Why is it that they are so quick to take money, but not so willing to give it back? A simple phone call that same evening to the new member would have cleared everything up, but the receptionist thought it would get straightened out immediately.

I acted calm and collected and the other receptionist and the leader and even the member who had the member all complimented me on my calmness and unwillingness to give up after being put on hold more than a few times.

If that wasn't enough to make me want to eat everything in site, I'm not sure what would.

Thanks Nancy for the mango links, turns out the way I have been pealing my mangoes is easier and less messy. Maybe I'll have to make a video ;)


Andrea said...

Wow! $1790.00 is quite a huge mistake to make! I'm glad it got cleared up quickly.

Kathy said...

That kind of financial error can put a real knot in your stomach and especially if it happens over a weekend when you can't get hold of the bank or credit card company!