Friday, July 17, 2009

Falling Uphill

I was watching a local morning talk show this morning and was introduced to the book Falling Uphill. It was written by a man who traveled around the world on his bike. Wasn't the best interview that I have ever watched and some of what he had to say was just plain weird. But he did encourage readers/watchers to get out of their comfort zone. Adventures are abound and to really experience life one must be somewhat daring. I'm not going to be trying to bike around the world anytime soon, but I was thinking maybe I could relate this to weight loss by trying a new food, exercise, adventure weekly that would put me outside my comfort zone.

I'll start with a new food next week to be determined, followed by an adventure the following week as we head to Disney on our first ever family vacation!


Ron said...

First ever family vacation.... Im sure you will have a great time!

Anonymous said...

The family vacation will be Tom, Claire, Elizabeth, Cayrn, Alex, Benjamin, and Grandpa & grandma R. and Claire's brother Joel, & Hailey, and Claire's sister Kristin, Abigail, Billy, and hopefully big Bill Brazier. There will be two vans and 14 total vacationers. There will actually be three families and one set of grand parents. Grandpa R.

Anonymous said...

LOL.. love ya dad!! First family vacation for the 6 of us.. plus we invited the rest of you to go with us:)

Miz said...

cant wait to hear about disney.
husband and I decided last night to spend money we pretty much dont have and go in september.
our daughter is SO SO in the PRINCESS STAGE I think she will adore it.

promise youll blog about it when youre back?

Just Be Real said...

Getting out of ones comfort zone is always a challenge, but well worth the effort in the end. Thanks for sharing.