Thursday, July 2, 2009

Tried on Shorts

I went shopping yesterday with the little guy as I had a Kohl's bill to pay. I tried on several pairs of shorts. Many more than I normally would have tried on. I tried different brands, different sizes, and different styles. It occurred to me that the real difference between a 32 and a 34 is really not in the waist, but the "extra" material. All the 32's that I tried on fit in the waist, but most were pretty uncomfortable because of various reasons...too tight in the hips, too tight in the rear, too tight in the...well, you get the picture. All the 34's that I tried on fit almost exactly the same in the waist, but the extra material was different for all of them. I bought a few pair of 34's, not because I don't think I'll need my 32's again, because I've been wearing a pair comfortably. Seems the extra material in them is in the right regions. The other two pair of 32's that I have are still tight, but not in the waist. Clothes!!

Doing fine on the food front, but for some reason the summer with everyone home has thrown a curve in my whole routine. I thought it would be easier, but has its challenges. I'm exercising regularly, but feeding six people every meal seems more challenging than just worrying about dinner for the most part.

Off to the 4th of July parade tonight...I know it's only the 2nd, who plans these things anyway?


Kathy said...

The cut of the clothing really makes a difference. Some styles are meant to hug your body while others should hang looser. Some fabrics have more give in them too. Tightly woven fabrics are much less forgiving than denims. At least you didn't have the need to escape into knits! Good for you! Enjoy the weekend.

Oh Sew Good said...

So now you have some Florida shorts! Hooray!

carla said...

have a great weekend, TB.

filled with FAMILY and fun and relaxing.

and shorts :)

Ron said...

Now you can enjoy the weekend comfortably!

theantijared said...

My favorite blog title of all time!