Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Baseball Game

Last night, I went to the Brewer Game with my 3 yr. old, Alex. His response when asked if he like it, "I liked the Sausages better than the Brewers!!" Of course, in Milwaukee during the middle of the 6th innings there are 5 racing sausages that race around the field to see who is the fastest. Last night, the Polish was victorious.

We got the tickets free at a company picnic last week. The were great seats, one level up, and in the 14th row. They included a preferred parking pass, which meant we didn't leave the house much to early.

What was the problem with these seats? Really nothing, but they reminded me of why I wanted to lose weight in the first place. Hopefully, it was enough motivation to kick my sorry butt back into the reality of me not being so conscientious of my choices and get me back to a weight I NEED to stay at.

We sat in our seats and were the first people in our row. Right before the game began, five big strapping gentlemen sat right next to Alex. They were towering men, not so overweight as just plain large. Didn't bother little Alex one bit. During the first inning, a heavy couple came to sit right next to me. It reminded me that I hated sitting in formed chairs (stadiums, theaters, etc.) when I was 270. This couple and a few of the gentlemen on the other side had to be very uncomfortable. They sat with the knees scrunched, arms folded and just looked miserable. The gentlemen were able to move down a few seats and stretch their legs, but the couple was trapped in by us. It didn't stop them from getting a large hot pretzel with cheese, a plate of loaded nachos, two brats, and a pair of the largest drinks I have yet to see (and do you suppose they were diet?).

Even though my food choices haven't been the best for a few months, I am still making as many healthy choices as I can. Picking chicken over burgers, one bite of cookie over a whole dozen, passing on dessert if it's something I really don't enjoy (Nancy, I only tried two desserts...can't say the same for Claire), sharing meals with the kids rather than eating my own plus their leftovers, etc.

I know everyone goes through funks once in a while and maybe this was the wake-up call I needed to remind myself that I am doing OK, but need to be mindful always and keep on tracking.

Even though there were big people around us, there were plenty of "pretty" people as well, like the two hotties my 3 yr old was flirting with right in front of us all night ;)


Oh Sew Good said...

There's no shortage of food at those places, huh? Hefty prices to boot, yes?

melissa said...

did you see that michael george guy on channel 4 that ate 4000 calories at the fair?

TB--Milwaukee said...

Did not see Michael George, but I'm sure it's still not too late since they have news on most of the day.

Ron said...

Yea for you for making those healthier choices!!!!