Thursday, August 20, 2009

Chocolate Covered Bacon

Last week, our State Fair rolled out something new. Each year, it seems as though they try to feature one particular food item and this year it was Chocolate Covered Bacon. It sold for 2 sticks for $3. Luckily, we attended the fair on "Grazin' Day," which is a day in which several items are discounted to give you an opportunity to try many food items. On this day, the bacon was $1 for 1 stick. That's all we needed. By we, I mean, my whole family. We all took a bite and when we were finished there was still about a quarter of a stick left and being the "can't-through-anything-out" type, I reluctantly finished it.

The Sweet/Salty treat was actually not too bad. It is definitely a food that your pallet has never tasted before. The first bite is full of sweet milk chocolate with a bit of chewiness at the end, which is not recognizable as bacon. After the second bite, the bacon is more recognizable and really a surprising guest. Watching the restaurant make this stuff is actually probably more entertaining than actually eating it, but I am glad that I tried it once. They skewer the cooked bacon, pat it down with a paper towel, paint the chocolate on by hand and then put it in a blast chiller for a minute and out to be served.

I'll be anxiously awaiting next years food frenzy!!

Yesterday was my oldest daughter's birthday and for "not having a party" we ended up having 3 birthday cakes: one Sunday with Grandma/Grandpa R, one Tuesday with Grandma/Grandpa B, and one on her birthday. Think it would have been easier and less calories just to have one party!!

Our neighbor knocked on the door yesterday and asked us if we'd like a few creampuffs. She brought over 5 huge puffs and I just let the kids eat what they wanted since they weren't the really fresh ones any longer.


Kathy said...

I love sweet and salty but the chocolate and the bacon just don't seem all that appealing. I saw a doughnut the other day that had a brown sugar/maple frosting and bits of crisp bacon on top and I would probably have to give that a taste test if I ever ran into it!

Ron said...

The chocolate covered bacon sounds interesting, I'm surprised they are not trying to sell it here at the ILLINOIS state fair which is going on right now!!! Speaking of the fair, I was with some people the other night that bought a "funnel cake". They gave me a taste, OMG, the grease was all you could taste.... what is it that people see in eating these and those "elephant ears"...