Friday, October 30, 2009

Breaking a Summer Habit

I've been working a part-time job at a Nursing Home since the first of June. Starting the 2nd of June, I have had a horrible summertime habit. McDonald's has had their large sodas for $1.00 all summer and their ice cream cones for only 49 cents. This has been my dinner every Monday and Wednesday since June. I know, you think I can't be serious...well I am! Twice a week I have eaten ice cream for dinner. How healthy can that be?

I've decided that I could really be have a much healthier dinner at home before leaving for work. Wednesday, I made myself a yogurt parfait with plain ff yogurt mix with a Tbsp of instant pudding mix, frozen strawberries and a 1/4 of quick oats. I know this is a much better option that will fill me up for the evening without looking back at the stupid habit I had partaken in all summer.

Fortunately (really unfortunately), McDonald's was extra slow this past Monday and as I stood in line for 10 minutes waiting for an ice cream cone that only takes 10 seconds to devour, that's when I decided I needed to make a change.

I had been rationalizing my habit thinking that McDonald's gives a set amount back to our kids school every time we hand in a receipt whether for $1.58 or $20.00. Probably not a good way to rationalize such a bad habit.

We've got a packed Halloween schedule this weekend starting with a school dance tonight. Two rounds of Trick or Treat tomorrow and the game of the year (Packers/Vikings) Sunday. I'll be passing on the ice cream.


Oh Sew Good said...
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Oh Sew Good said...

How my comment ended on this entry without even reading this entry is beyond me. I deleted it because it belonged on the day before.

I'm not a fan of ice-cream so this wouldn't be a habit of mine. I wonder if you really wanted something from McD's what about the Yogurt parfait?

Ron said...

I could easily develop and ice cream or custard!!! habit lol
but i try to have it as a treat about once a month now.

John's Weight Loss Blog said...

Go Vikes! ;-)

deb said...

Actually, the bad habit was giving yourself permission to stop at a McDonald's at all.

You NEVER need to stop at one unless you're driving all day and need a potty-stop. That's it. That's all.

Having kids ain't an excuse- all you're teaching them is bad eating habits.

Yum Yucky said...

Uh oh. Bad bad dinner company. But at least you're acknowledging the problem. Now quit it! Okay? LOL

And no, don't ask me how many pizza slices I inhaled this weekend. You're not allowed to ask. :P

TB--Milwaukee said...

Oh Sew Good~Ya know, I'm not really a fan of ice cream either that's why I have no excuse for going there.

Ron~I am lucky there's no Culver's on the way.


Deb~You are absolutely correct. There is no reason for me to stop especially since I make dinner for everyone else before I leave.

Yum Yucky~How was that pizza??

D said...

I won't cast a stone -- but I'm glad that you figured it out. My "vices" usually involve some sort of chocolate and I can convince myself of some sort of value of eating it..."one last time", "dark chocolate is healthy!" (that amount of it isn't!), etc. etc. We're learning, right? D

TB--Milwaukee said...

D~Very easy to make the excuses. I always tracked it as my dinner, but never managed to get all my other Healthy Guidelines in for the day then.

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