Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween Tricks or Treats

How do you deal with Halloween? My kids seem to go trick-or-treating for 3 days straight! Starting Friday at school, Friday night dance, Saturday morning visiting all the local businesses and ending in the afternoon when we'll trick-or-treat door to door in the neighborhood. Our kids are all very different. My 8 yr. old, would love to hold onto her candy as long as she could saving all of her favorites (and usually mine too). My 5 yr. old would eat it all in one seating if we would let her. She's not picky as long as its sweet. My 3 yr. old really hasn't experienced it yet, he enjoyed all the lollipops he could manage to sneak from his sisters last year, but this year will be different. I have a feeling, he will not be phased by the on slot of sweetness. He'll eat one or two pieces and wait for us to offer him more. Our 1 yr. old will be a scavenger and take any candy unguarded.

Last year, I allowed myself to eat one type of candy: tootsie rolls. My kids were offering them to me by the handfuls. Unfortunately, when food is offered to me, I have difficulty saying no. This year, I shall TRY to limit the tootsie rolls to a few a day rather than all on Halloween. My wife, has no difficulty at all staying away from the candy. She'll eat a few of the choice candy bars, but the rest doesn't bother her.

We'll be hiding the baskets once the initial feasting is finished and limiting the kids to a few a day. The girls really looked forward to being able to pick a few pieces daily to put in their lunch boxes too.

What are some tricks to keep yourself from eating the entire bag of tootsie rolls? I've heard some good suggestions at WW meetings, nothing too outrageous. Spray it with Raid and throw it away. Take it to work and let your co-workers gain the weight. Donate it to a Children's Hospital since they don't get to go and trick-or-treat on their own. Flush it down the toilet? I suppose tootsie rolls would flush alright ;)

What would be some creative tricks to keep you away from eating the entire bag? Freeze it and use it as a ice pack, play "Ding-dong-ditch" and leave it on your skinny neighbors door step, take to Lake Michigan and try to use the candy as "stones" and try "Skipping Stones." Make a creative sculpture of Halloween candy and donate it to the local museum, who knows you may become famous.

Not sure what I'll try yet, but I'll keep thinking.


Sandy said...

We don't have children, but we usually celebrate Halloween for the neighbor kids. I am sadly that person who buys up the chocolate a month beforehand and before I know it, I'm out buying more because the original stash is gone! This year, although we've decorated the house, we are going to be gone Halloween night. The husband planned some sort of big surprise- the result, I did not go out and buy candy this year!

workout mommy said...

I cannot be trusted with any candy in the house---it's ridiculous!

I try to buy candy I don't like, but somehow other candy ends up in my cart. and then my mouth! ACK!
The spray it with Raid idea cracks me up, although I might poison myself when I try to wash it off, lol!

the local dentist near us gives $1 per pound of candy you bring in and then they send it off to the troops---I think we'll do that this year.

home staging said...

Hi. I have also problem with candy eating during Halloween. I like that idea to donate it to a Children's Hospital or I think charity would accept such a gift too. I suppose that unless you make some radical action it's not possible to avoid candy eating, at least for me - person with so weak will regarding sweet stuff.

Take care,

TB--Milwaukee said...

Sandy~Before I had kids, I probably ended up eating MORE Halloween candy. At least now I have 4 candy hawkers who keep it away from me. Plus they love handing it out, so we rarely have any left. The lucky few last Trick or Treaters end up with a lot.

Workout Mommy~Donating to the troops is a great idea and I had heard of dentists' around here doing the same type of thing.

Home Staging~No way of avoiding the candy unless you're a Scrooge and that's a whole different holiday problem.