Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Just Checking In

Part of the P90X program includes writing all reps and how many, how much weight was lifted, etc. To tell you the truth, I have not written anything down. Today, I realized that I couldn't even remember what week on was on. Luckily, I had rambled here a while back about being on a rest week. So, by deduction, I realized I was on week 7. That is amazing to me that I have kept up with waking up at 4:30 most mornings. I have done the program 5 out of 7 days most weeks, skipping the yoga and usually resting instead of doing the stretch DVD on the weekend.

I've had a great week so far. I have managed to track all my food for the last week and a half. This came about after I got weighed by the WW Territory Manager. Unfortunately, I am a few pounds more than a few over my goal. Today, I got back below 200 for the first time in months. I'll be OK and I know the power of writing it down since I never missed a day during my losing stage.

Now, time to bunker down and get back to the goal of 190.

Looking forward to another rest week next week before I start another phase in the P90X program. Weeks 9-12 introduce a few new DVD's and will bring on a few new challenges I'm sure.


Kathy said...

You are an inspiration, TB.

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