Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I'm a Sucker for FREE FOOD

Today, McDonald's ran a promotion to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Ronald McDonald House. They gave away Hotcakes and Sausage! FREE! The only catch was you had to go into the restaurant, no drive-thru. That definitely did not stop me!

Well, before I headed to McDonald's I had a whole other FREE treat to cash in. Last week, I mentioned that I received a check-out coupon for free Oreos. I went grocery shopping yesterday for the week, but had forgotten the coupon. So, this morning, I ran to the store for some bread and of course to use the coupon. I wanted to pick up some Egg Beaters as well, but it seems that our grocery store always remodeling and right now there is very little diary. I picked up the Oreos and grabbed them out of my bag before leaving the store and dropped them into the Feed the Hungry tub.

Then, it was off to McDonald's. Benjamin and I headed to the parking lot and it was packed. They obviously were prepared because there was plenty of help at the counter. I could have easily just ordered the free food and been done, but who does that? So I got a coffee and headed back home to feed Benjamin our new found food. Unfortunately, I downed a hotcake along with the syrup before checking out the points. Who knew syrup could be 4 points!!

Speaking of coffee...my stash of coffee keeps growing thanks to my good friends Nancy & Miloudi. They one a case of JavaFit over the summer and have graciously dropped a few single serving bags in my work mailbox. I had mixed reactions at first. The first day I tried it was the dreaded Peanut M&M day, so it really didn't work. The second day I tried it, I think I was feeling a bit under the weather. That evening I felt sick to my stomach and didn't eat anything. I think my problem was more that I wasn't eating at all! That coffee sure turns a food switch off! I laid off of the coffee for the next two days and felt much better. The last two days have been great food days and the coffee hasn't affected me besides keeping me away from food.

Now, if there were only a way to turn on the exercise switch!


Oh Sew Good said...

I like FREE anything. Although I don't take all that is free. I really liked your idea of putting the cookies in the Feed the Hungry Bin.

TB--Milwaukee said...

Oh Sew Good~Free always gets me.