Monday, January 11, 2010


R~Record for
A~Accountability making sure it's
C~Convenient and provides

During our Saturday meeting, our leader shared this acrostic poem with the group. It definitely it the nail on the head. I can track, but usually it's missing one of these components: truthfully!

I am a selective tracker. If I don't want anyone to know I ate something, I don't write it down. Who is that hurting? Never in the 3 years that I've been following WW has anyone looked at one of my trackers! This week, I'll be working on the honesty aspect of my tracking.

Recording and convenience are easy now that I use the WW app on my iPod. I have no excuse not to keep track conveniently as the app goes right to the tracking page. They seem to make updates frequently and each time, they have fixed something that has made it even easier to use.

Tracking really is the biggest reason I got to my goal as fast as I did. I was diligent and recorded everything. I needed to be accountable to myself and I didn't want to pay WW any longer than I had to. As time has gone by, I've seemed to forget about how this tracking thing really does have a positive effect on maintenance/weight loss.

And that's where the knowledge comes in. Learn from experience and understand that tracking is a chore that can be done in a matter of seconds, but it makes a huge difference in the final outcome.

As the saying goes: If you almost track, you'll almost have success.

And just for giggles, my boys dragged my push up bars out this weekend. I had them hidden so even I wasn't using them, but Benjamin knows all my hiding places.


spunkysuzi said...

That has to be one of the cutest things i've seen!

Fat Lazy Guy said...

I tried tracking my food and such a couple of times, but it became too much of a chore for me and made me want to rebel. I can totally see how it works though. It's a great tool. I'm just a stubborn fool. And apparently a poet ;)

Great video :D

Anonymous said...
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Ron said...

Tracking trurhfully does make a difference. Can you translate the previous comment for me.... great job your boys are doing on those pushups!

Karyn said...

Wow, your boys are so cute, and such a good start at a healthy lifestyle! :)

Melissa (TheDailyMel) said...

I've been horribly behind in my blog reading since the holidays and I'm trying to get caught up. I couldn't agree more about the importance of tracking. Miracle of miracles, when I track, I lost weight. Who knew?! ;)

I love the WW iPhone app, too! I wish they would add the option to somehow "favorite" one's WW center/meeting to make it quicker to get to the meeting schedule for that center. I submitted it as a suggestion, so perhaps it will magically appear at some point. :)