Monday, January 25, 2010

Who Needs Pictures?

I've been scouring through photos the last week. Our 5 yr old came home with a note from her teacher looking for baptism pictures. Of course, she is our second born and do you think I could find one? Well, that's what I found: one! We bought our first digital camera right before she was born, so actually we have tons of pictures of her, just not printed off.

As I was going through pictures, I was again reminded about how far I have come. I will have to scan a few of the "worst" to share. My 8 yr old started looking at them too. In her honest 8 yr old opinion she shared every possible adjective to describe the pictures. Fat, chubby, gianormous, pudgy, plump, etc. were just a few of the wonderful comments she made about my appearance.

It is awesome to be reminded of the accomplishments we make. I'm not sure my kids realize how to eat healthy or that we do eat healthy for the most part, but hopefully they are learning by good examples.

Off to get more pictures sorted before I become disinterested.

Happy Birthday to my wife too ;)


Karyn said...

Taking the pictures is fun, it is the sorting that sucks! LOL. I have SO many pics from over the years pre-digital.

And for sure your kids are learning healthy eating by example. More than you may realize.

Oh Sew Good said...

Happy Birthday to your wife too! "They" say a picture says 1,000 words. I'm still trying to figure out how "they" came up with 1,000 and not 1,001. :)