Monday, February 22, 2010

Eating Out

Saturday, I worked a Weight Watcher open house. I knew my wife was gone for dinner and my car would not allow me to go home. It was like it had a mind of it's own and automatically took control and drove me to the nearest fastfood restaurant. Luckily, it's a Subway and I had plenty 'o points for the day since I had been at WW all afternoon.

The topic of the meeting I attended Sat was on going out to eat. I did make a conscious decision to go and am happy I worked it into my day, but it got me thinking once again about the reasons to go out to eat.

Do you go out to eat for convenience or to celebrate something? And do you eat differently in either case? We do go out for convenience most Tuesdays as my daughter has choir right at our dinnertime, 4:30. I know, call us old farts, but we eat early because I make dinner before leaving for work on Mon/Wed at 4:30 so my wife doesn't have to and we just carry that schedule throughout the week.

I never order anything, but it does allow the kids to eat quick, clear their own trash and be done fast. Saturday, I went out for convenience as well. I had worked all day and didn't want to deal with dinner, I know the points of a sub quick and it was easy.

We do go out to celebrate to. Birthdays are usually are most common celebration. I don't find myself eating any differently then either. I try to make the better choice.

So what about the quick coffees I grab at Starbucks either on the run or while shopping at Target?I wouldn't put those in either category. Is there a third category? Just because I like it! That will go for the one Shamock Shake I'll be treating myself to as well.


Kathy said...

I love eating at home but when my kids were young, there were many times that we ate fast food for the convenience of it. My husband enjoys breakfast out on the weekend since he enjoys what I refer to as a "full meal deal"! I don't serve the potatoes and gravy meals at home so I suppose it is better for him to eat it once a week outside the house.

Anonymous said...
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