Monday, March 29, 2010

Losing Weight

There was a great quote in the WW Weekly this week:
"You don't 'lose' weight, you 'take it off.' Sometimes when you lose things, you find them again!"

That unfortunately happens a little too often. Lose a pound, gain a pound, lose a pound, gain a pound. There's a radio personality around these parts that jokes about losing over 1000 pounds, but it's always the same 10 pounds over and over again.

I need to get the mindset of taking 10 pounds off and not just losing them. I get comfortable whenever I see 200 on the scale and tend to relax a bit, stop tracking for a few days, stop the intense exercise, eat a few more sweets, etc. and then number creeps up again. I need to refocus the energy and not be happy with the 200.

This weekend, I had a wedding to attend. It was a great event and the food was awesome. Someone close to me, chose to skip the reception because of recently joining AA. I understand the thinking and realize this is a temporary avoidance until things are more under control. Got me thinking about food and avoidance. If I were to avoid every difficult situation involving food, my family would never see me. In fact, I don't know how I'd function since food needs to be consumed to live. Sometimes my toughest days are the days I spend all day at home. I welcome the celebrations! I tend to have good days then. I can only eat what is put in front of me and I tend to steer clear of the appetizers because I feel like everyone is watching me and what I eat.

We also had a chicken dinner at our church on Sunday. It was a delicious meal. Afterwards, I came home with the kids and my wife went back to work the dinner for the second half of the time. She stayed till the end and unfortunately decided to take advantage of the "half price bake sale" that takes place with all the leftover bakery for the last half hour. She came home with a bunch of cherry turnovers. They're mocking me in the kitchen right now. I've stayed out of the kitchen all morning, which will continue to be a key for the rest of the day.

Weather is going to be awesome here all week, hoping to get in a few quality walks!


Oh Sew Good said...

This is something I struggle with a lot. Cookies and chocolate bars are in the house. I would prefer they not be here but I'm not the only one living here. I would like to have the kind of self-control that it wouldn't bother me if they were there but I don't. Any helpful suggestions by you or your other bloggers would be most welcome. Thanks in advance!

Paul said...

It's funny you mention 200 pounds, as that is specifically where I keep getting stuck. Down to 200, back up to 220. Then down to 200 and back up tp 240... ugh.

I do better at work than I do at home, due to grazing opportunities.

This time, I think I'll take the weight off, instead of just losing it (for a while).

Miz said...

you know I get the struggle of staying home.
The call of the kitchen out of boredom when my daughter was younger and now out of "lets bake! it will give us something to do!!"

Frank Dobner said...

Hey I really like the wording choice. "Losing weight" does not strike me as a commitment to one's self. "Taking off weight" is getting closer to it. I am sort of geek for words because I think that words are external thoughts that drive behavior. Thanks

Shane said...

Hey man. Just found your blog. Glad to see another man doing weight watchers, I thought I was the only one! haha.

I am on day 19 of weight watchers and I am down about 8 lbs. I have added your blog to my list and will be following your journey!


Kate said...

Something I struggle with alot too. Me its not even so much I get to certain weight and feel comfortable, it's that I feel, oh, I've had 3 good days, I can eat this or that. It's just a bad way of looking at it.

I need to get into the same mindset now.

TB--Milwaukee said...

Oh Sew Good~it's a constant struggle. Unfortunately, I think it's something I'll struggle with for a lifetime.

Paul~Sure is tougher to be at home all day. When I was working, I felt much more in control.

Mizfit~Why is the kitchen my favorite room in the house? AAHH!!

Frank~Seems to be all in the wording, but oh so true. Take it off!!

Shane~Thanks for dropping by, haven't been around lately, but I'll definitely drop by your place for a visit.

Kate~I have that problem too, but it seems to be one in the same. If I have a few good days, my weight gets to 200, and then I feel that I can have a bad day.