Monday, March 15, 2010

Stale Chips

Last night, we made a whole beef tenderloin on the grill. It's the first time since New Year's that we have grilled out. Spring is definitely on the way! I didn't feel like going all out and preparing potatoes, so I opted for some chips that we've had in our cabinet probably since New Year's. My wife was amazed after we ate. She said that she was expecting the chips to be the only thing eaten off of everyone's plates. We had tenderloin, chips, broccoli, cole slaw, and salads. The only thing left on EVERYONE'S plates...the chips. Could be that they don't taste as good as they once did, a bit stale, or could be that our kids don't really care for them anymore.

I'm really not sure the answer, but I do know that I threw at least 4 handfuls of potato chips in the trash last night and will probably throw the two half-bags of chips still left in the cabinet in the trash soon. I suppose next time, I should take the extra few minutes to prepare potatoes rather than taking the easy way out by serving chips.

Just goes to show me that even though I've managed to gain about 10 pounds since last March, we've definitely created healthy habits. I know my gain has just come about from not tracking and not from eating unhealthy foods. I just eat too much of the good stuff now. Time to start tracking truthfully and daily.


Frank Dobner said...

Sounds like you are eating healthy TB. I had a pork tenderloin cooked on the grill yesterday. We northerners find this time of year actually warm.

spunkysuzi said...

Oh i can't wait for our first bbq!! And it's so true that we may not always realize the changes that we have gradually made, but they are there :)

Miz said...

so true.
how easy it is to gain with good foods I mean BUTBUTBUT you are indeed correct that youve totally won the battle with the healthy choices and, in a sense, the tracking part isnt as hard.

(or at least thats totally what I tell myself :))

Oh Sew Good said...

Have you tried steaming your potatoes? It doesn't take that long and they are delicious that way. :)

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